[Ace] Moving PartyCom/ActorCom

Hey everyone, I hope you can help me.

First, I want to mention that I am uses a few plug-ins but the the pertinent one for what I need to do is Yanfly's Battle Engine and Yanfly's Battle Command List.

Now, that said, What I want to do is move the Party Command and Actor Command windows so that they fit UP and OVER the battle status windows (which now have actor's graphics thanks to Yanfly's script).

I want to fully extend that window (which I know how to do) so that you see the actor's faces all the time during a battle.

What I can't seem to figure out is how to move the Party and Actor Command windows out of the way. I can move them up but then they get cut off...

Does anyone have a script or know a way to accomplish what I need?

To be clear what would happen is the player would come into the battle, and because of Yanfly's battle script they'd skip the "Fight/Escape" portion and they'd be greeted with the actor's face and the Actor Command window over that window - flush to the right of absolute right of the screen. (the default with has been extended through Yanfly's Core Engine).

If I'm not being clear let me know I'll try to get as specific as possible.

Delete Thread *Problem solved*

I found a suitable workaround for what I needed to do with a bit of script tinkering.

Battle System Balance

Hey all. I've been doing quite a bit of research and reading but I haven't found a solution to a particular issue:

I understand that your typical RPG battle system is a big dice roll. A game of numbers and formulas. Is there a particular formula set out there or do most people
just play with things to see what does and doesn't work.

I ask because I want to be sure that things are balanced and then from there and THEN I go in and start tweaking to make things interesting or challenging. Should there be certain numbers I keep in mind?

For example. should I approach things based on levels? Where Character A possesses stats X,Y,Z at level 1 so I should plan enemies and accessories based on the most likely levels a character will have by the time they reach those enemies or weapons/armors. Should I always think of Character A, in that scenario, as potentially always reaching a base level progression (say level 5) by a point or should I plan a bit under (assume that they'll be level 3 instead of 5) or a bit over (assume they've been grinding and reached level 7 rather than 5)

I'm not planning a fancy battle system. Just something typical with enemies and characters possessing different attributes and such to throw in a bit of strategy flavor (I know some people aren't into that kind of thing, and that that's okay).

Any pointers from veterans or "those in the know"?
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