Aye, it was for the FFWikia. Though if I may ask, why the disdain? o_o;;

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Say Jude, since you're on the FFRK train and whatnot, perhaps you can help with getting images for the wiki, hmmm? I believe I've asked this before, but they're still trying to get images (mostly the default Soul Breaks and ability images). Would help a lot if people could help contribute to that in any way~ ^^

If it's a Wikia site, then no thanks. One of the most toxic websites on the internet.


Looks like orb festival starts tomorrow--my favorite sloggy grind that I loathe but inflict upon myself anyway. Tonight's ultimates:


Now that double greens is over, I used today to catch up on the FF5 event. Made some dramatic errors in my CM Leviathan run, but defeated the boss in spite of those mistakes.


Thinking about recording all of the ultimates and higher from now on. At the very least, I've recorded the Ifrit party I referenced in my previous post. I did it from my desktop. I'll probably try the next one from my tablet, since touch is a bit easier.

Haven't even started the FF5 event yet. Trying to accumulate some greens because I want to buy all of the 10k stamina shards and get them out of the way.


You can't defeat Ifrit in 50 seconds of Wall without other perks to make up for it. Haste and Boost/Faith are a lot more important, because otherwise your damage is very poor, nor can you react quickly enough to heal damage.

With my CM party, the main complication is Meteor, because he is fast enough to cast it twice before I can respond with a party cure SB. I can get off a Curaja and Curaga before his second cast, but that only saves two people who either can't heal themselves or can't do any damage to finish the fight (in one attempt, I almost wrapped it up with a Selphie and Laguna duo, but the moment Irvine's breaks expire you die). AoE Firaja followed by Meteor is nasty, but survivable as long as I lob my cures at the right people. Basically, my CM success relies on crossing my fingers and hoping that Ifrit uses anything but Meteor after he uses Meteor. One thing that really helps mitigate that RNG factor is Selphie's Dreamstage, which I acquired during the BSB Festival, due to its Magic Blink. Ifrit is fast enough that Lionheart RM got me one extra Dreamstage over Mako Might.

My first clear was easy primarily because the party is so safe. I have two cures, Dreamstage, Stoneskin, and Runic. The party doesn't do a lot of damage, but Meteor does a far more manageable 2k, which means I have plenty of time to heal everybody up even if he uses it twice in a row or more. I don't know how vital Runic is to the fight, because without some kind of Boost my Celes wasn't doing much damage, but it means one less person to heal against AoE Firaja/Meteor and the single target ones can just be ignored altogether. Papalymo was my big damage dealer and his SSB hits for like 35k once he gets En-Ice up and running.

My damage was also very good for a physical party. Laguna was doing 4.5k with Lifesiphon and Armor Break, while doing 31k with his SSB. Rinoa was capping Blizzaja, but could also Curaga for 3.5k and use that shared First Aid for 1.8k. Zell's Piercing Strike does 8.2k, which is why I went with him over Squall, who could still do good damage with 7.5k Blizzaja Strikes. Irvine did about 4k with Magic Breakdown and Full Break, and I think 10k-ish with Canister Shot after the first one. Got Laguna and Irvine's weapons on my 50-mythril pull on the first banner, which were both good items for this fight.

One thing you can try is controlling Firaja with Magic Lure. If you're using a mage party then Golbez can also sling Blizzaja, Ingus can Magic Breakdown (MBD and Full Break are vital for this encounter), and any of the paladins can heal or Haste. One of my more successful attempts used Haste instead of a Hastega RW. Alternatively, there's also the Memento of Protection ability, which is +50% DEF/RES and only Knight-3 so it's cheap to hone.

Edit: Tried Ifrit again but swapped Celes out for Rinoa. Gave Blizzaja to Rinoa and gave Blizzaga to Papalymo. Felt just as safe as the Celes run because Stoneskin reduces the damage of Firaja/Meteor so much, but Rinoa does more damage than Celes. Still used Inaugural Parade as my RW, which I should probably phase out of my friends list now that I have two Hastemarch.


I spent like two hours on Tuesday night trying to complete a Cid Mission Ifrit, but temporarily gave up and easily defeated the boss with the above party. It wasn't the exact setup I wanted because I used most of my favorite roamers on my CM attempts, so I ended up trying weird things like giving Selphie Blizzaga. Killed him all the same, so I didn't worry about it.

Later that night, after my roamers reset, I revisited the Cid Mission and cleared it with the following, after much save scumming to not get Meteor'd repeatedly:

Did the Nightmare CPU last night, which was easy once you understand the timing. Got Assault Arm for Barret and Sirius Sidearm for Sazh through a Lucky Draw. I probably won't start the upcoming FF5 event until I catch up on Gysahl Greens.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

These are sample maps from the Anti-procrastination thread

I don't know how flexible your palette is, but I generally try to use different greens for my grass and foliage because it provides more clarity--otherwise the green all tends to blob together and becomes harder to read. My preference is to shift foliage more towards blue, but it really depends on the area. Right now you're pretty reliant on that thick dark grass to provide contrast against the trees. A very quick color modification yields this:

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I wrote the pitch-shifting in C, though. Basically I stretch the signal and do some fourier transforms to clean up some of the interference, then just resample it to the desired pitch. More or less.
Neat. Is this open source or do you have a code snippet or something? Haven't thought of procedural audio stuff before.

Sorry, I missed this. I haven't put any kind of license on it, but I don't see any issue with making it public domain. I'll upload the source when I get home, if I remember.

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