Demon Slayer: Rise from the Ashes: choo-choo 2: Electric Choogaloo: A New Hope

I find the concept of "non-downloadable" pretty amusing.

Beta testing, plus SaGa tech

Yeah, Tiled is pretty great and I use it for everything. Even some dungeon generator I wrote exports to tmx just because. Like you, I use cell properties to do some basic event and entity scripting. Old example:

To elaborate, the behavior property is basically the entity's movement loop. It tells the engine which properties to look in to determine which functions need to be called with that data. Such that Conan the Example Entity will pathfind to a random tile near his spawn point, wait for up to 360 frames, pathfind to any random tile on the map, wait up to 360 frames, then restart the whole loop by pathfinding back to a random tile near his origin/spawn point. Properties can be named arbitrarily when they're just pointers, but a few have explicit names like clicked, behavior, touched, etc, since the engine needs a starting trigger. Also conditionals for the entity to even exist, like flag or item.

I also use it to set what happens when interacted with, under the clicked property--separated by pipe with the last entry being the highest priority (like RPG Maker event pages). All of my basic stuff can call functions pretty directly for opening chat boxes or shop menus or moving an entity somewhere or setting a flag/switch, but I put the detailed stuff in separate scripts just for readability's sake and to make direct function calls. If a value says something like "script, cutscene_001" then it'll read the cutscene_001 script and execute those function calls more directly, which look similar-ish to your example. I'm a heretic and use XML instead of JSON for my data, though.

My teleport events don't look too different from yours. I still use a property pointer because it helps me avoid redundancy though (like if I want to execute the value of the teleport property when the object is touched, clicked, or any other condition):

Ha. You can tell I updated my Tiled version between those two images.

Oh My God, We're Back Again

Did you get rid of Julia's pink hair or am I imagining things?

Player Movement

I admittedly haven't kept up with your progress, but it sounds like you've expanded from being an engine to also an editor?

Demon Slayer: Rise from the Ashes: choo-choo 2: Electric Choogaloo

Fart Attack.

My battlers are ridiculously detailed compared to my charsets...

Being new at art is when you make the largest leaps in improvement. You're constantly going to notice that your old content (ex: your battlers) looks poor in comparison to your newer stuff, which will leave you dissatisfied with the overall product but also pleased with your own progress.

Reflections at the end of the apocalyptic year of 2012

Consider getting a second display if you have enough desk space.

The Construction of Metis Part 1: Design Requirements

Plus, once you've made it you can re-use a lot of it later. I already had a working Tiled ingest and animation system from previous efforts--on the graphics side of things.

The Great Purge ~ engine changes

The Tempest is Shakespeare's best play behind Caesar and on par with Hamlet </unpopular opinion>

The only Shakespeare I've seen had Leonardo DiCaprio and that girl from My So Called Life in it. Therefore, that is the best Shakespeare movie.

super long mega friendship post

I don't think Jester was suggesting that TFT should contribute to other projects for marketing reasons but for ethical ones. I don't really see it as an issue.