Flip Dimensions

Hey! So I'm playing through Chapter 8, met the trash-diving ninja(?) who offers SOMETHING for 20 Rin coins, I try to pay and they says I don't have enough when I have 73. Is this intentional or a bug?

Flip Dimensions

Izrand Allure

The game looks amazing! ❤

Starlight Shoals

Hi! I hope this lovely game is still being worked on! I love the characters, the narration and VX Ace in general! Anyway, I hope you're doing well! ^^ ❤

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

The latest version(1.69) doesn't work for me, I'm not able to start the game, Enter and Z does nothing, actually I'm not able to interact with the game at all. I tried downloading 1.66(mirror link) but that requires access permission. I've requested access, but I haven't heard back yet. Help?


Kinda late to the party here, but I found it on itch.io. https://latenightstudio.itch.io/boutalles
Edit: Nevermind. This build seems to be the same as the above.
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