Perfect Chests

So you create a dummy hero for each map that has chests? That seems like more of a wasted space than simply using switches.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm trying to make battle sprites for my battle system, but I suck at spriting.

Does it look decent?

Edit: Made another one. Not sure which I like more.

[RM2K3] Are there any good free resource sites left for Rm2k3?

I'm trying to make a game in RPG Maker 2003, but finding resources that go well with the RTP is pretty tough. The Roco stuff works pretty well, but I'm not sure I have all of it.

Anyway, with regards to resources the internet we live on today is starkly different from the one when many people used 2k3. Back then resource sites were abundant, sure half of the stuff on there were rips, but sometimes you'd find some good stuff. These days these websites aren't so prevalent anymore (Charas Project is the only one I still know of), and the resources that you can find aren't free anymore, but paid asset packs. Which isn't strange, but that quickly adds up to your wallet if you're just making a game for fun.

Are there any sites left that offer free RPG Maker 2003 resources? Or is that shit just over?

Is borrowing sprites like this legally okay? :3

It doesn't seem to me like it would be illegal. For the Mario in the black suit, it's just a dude with a mustache. Yeah, we can all tell it's based on the Mario sprite, but does Nintendo own the rights to that exact formation of pixels, or just the likeness of Mario?

I'm not an expert on it either, so I dunno for sure. But seems pretty okay to me.

[RM2K] Anyone know Rm2k games starring Alex?

I think many people used Alex as the main character for their Rm2k game back in the day, but I wonder how many actually saw a demo or full release. Does anyone know here know of any games that used him? Would love to give them a go for old time's sake. Good or bad, doesn't really matter.

Ones I know of already:

- Final Fallacy
- Super RTP Adventure
- Legendary Adventure

Feel free to add to this list if you know any.

[RM2K3] [RM2K] Is there any easy way to convert old games to the official english release?

So when opening an old Rm2k or Rm2k3 project in the official english release versions, you get the notification that you can convert it or leave it as is. Even if you convert it, if it used any RTP resources, all of those will not work anymore (because they had different names in the old illegal versions).

From what I can tell there's two things you can do to fix this: Re-assign every single event and database thing that uses RTP resources, or copy the entire RTP into the project folder. Both seem pretty overkill.

I was wondering if someone figured out an easier way?

[RM2K3] Is there a way to check required EXP for next level?

To me, resetting the experience every level seems like it'd be pretty tedious. To your point about SNES RPGs doing this, I don't know if that's even true. A quick glance at all the major final fantasy games of the SNES era keeps a cumulative total of EXP, and then tells you how much is needed for the next level. BUT! Regardless, here is how you calculate experience needed.

Every experience curve in RM2k3 has three properties: Base Level, Acceleration, and Extra Value. (WARNING: in the official translation, the values are mislabeled and Extra should be labeled Acceleration! These formulas below are written assuming the 2nd value is Acceleration and the 3rd value is Extra.)

So, given your experience curve has:
B = Base Value
A = Acceleration
X = Extra value

Experience needed to get from level L to L+1:
B + X + A(L)

Total experience needed to reach level L:
(L - 1)(B + X) + A( L(L-1) / 2 )

Given B=25, X=15, A=8
Experience needed to get from 5 to 6:
B + E + A(L) = 25 + 15 + 8(5) = 40 + 40 = 80

Total experience needed to reach level 6:
(L-1)(B+X) + A( L(L-1) / 2)
= (6-1)(25+15) + 8( 6(5) / 2 )
= 5(40) + 8(30/2)
= 200 + 8(15)
= 200 + 120
= 320

If you want to know exactly how much EXP is needed to get to the next level:
Given the hero's level is 6, we want to target level 7.
Take the hero's EXP (assign it to a variable) and subtract it from the Total Experience needed to reach level 7.

So say the hero has 350 EXP.
Given the same base, acceleration, and extra value parameters..
Total exp needed to reach level 7:
(L-1)(B+X) + A(L(L-1) / 2)
= 6(40) + 8(7(6) / 2)
= 240 + 8(42 / 2)
= 240 + 8(21)
= 240 + 168
= 408
Needed for next level: 408 - 350 = 58

It's a nontrivial amount of calculation to do in RM2k3, but simple enough to code up in a common event and reference whenever you need it. Hope this helps you out!

I think you're right actually, for some reason I assumed EXP was reset to 0 with every level.

I'm really bad at the math stuff, but why not just swap those labels around to suit the official translation? Seems less confusing to go off of that. The rest of your post looks like Einstein's calculations to me, but I'll try to make it work.

Is a quest system a good idea for an RPG Maker game?

Yeah that's what I'm worried about too. That I want to have it simply for the sake of having it, and not because it really adds engaging content. It's not too difficult to come up with a few fun quests, but to make this work you'd need a ton. And then the boring fetch quests come into play. Also the rewards are a difficult issue. If a player does none of the quests, do they have enough money / items to get through the story? If not, it becomes almost mandatory to do that, I don't think that's a good thing. But if you don't need the rewards, why bother even doing them when many of them are fetch quests?

Is a quest system a good idea for an RPG Maker game?

I've been thinking of doing this, basically random NPCs in the world offer you various quests, finding a lost item, killing some enemy or enemies, collecting some items. RPGs of this type usually have sidequests, optional stuff that you can do for a special weapon or type of gear. But the whole quest thing is more something that came with 3D RPGs.

Would it work in a classic 2D RPG? Or would it get boring fast?

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Oh yeah that was it. Ty