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I like to read topics backwards, last post to first post.

Then when I get to the first post I'm like so thats what all this was about.

I'd love to live at kho's house

We have an empty room.

Nightwish and singer Anette Olzon have parted ways; Floor Jansen is new singer.

Great, now I have to wonder if I will still like them. :<

Next stop? Equestrianism! >3<

That sounds like some kind of religion. >_>

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Moon sandworm 15.

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Use repeating fist!

See, I knew I should have kicked his ass into orbit.

I wonder how long it'll be before I become disillusioned with RPG Maker and try to foist my "vision" of indie game development utopia upon RMN and heap disdain on all things RM related

The first sign will be shortening your name to three letters.


I watch WALL-E at least once a day

I am guessing because kids?

My cousin would watch Cars like every day when he was 2. :v

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Continue kicking Arthurs ass.

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So I want to make PG Maker...

My favorite way of handling files is to use scripts (in this case Lua) for the dynamic things like NPCs and their data, and then just use flat bin files for things like the tile data on layers. For example, instead of storing my entities in binary formats I do something like this;
engine.map.visible( true )
engine.map.name( "test map" )

layer =  engine.map.layer.create()
layer:visible( true )
layer:color( 255, 255, 255, 255,  )
layer:position( 0, 0, 0 )
layer:tiles( "layer_tiles.dat" )

chicken = engine.entity.create()
engine.script.run( "load_generic_chicken.lua", chicken )
chicken:position( 0, 0, layer )

npc_a = engine.entity.create()
engine.script.run( "load_jim_the_npc.lua", npc_a )
npc_a:position( 100, 100, layer )


Which would be a typical 'map file' in my engine.
Lets the loading of my maps/entities be as dynamic as it needs to be and also saved me having to make redundant things. :B

It is easy to generate lua scripts as well, which is what I do. I made a script to generate lua files from Tileds tmx format.

Also I will say this, Luas C API is not fun to work with, though there are helper libraries but I have never used them so I can't say how useful they are.