ATL - Above the law
Enter the world of Eidolaz , a world filled with magical creatures and highly advanced human technology.




So it's not Ex Stigma anymore :thonkeyes:
Looks very slick! Keeps the same style from the previous one (as I can still see it above). While also diversifying a lot, there is a lot of new elements.

I especially like the abbreviated version with just the ATL and the full name.

Thank you :) I really loved my ex stigma design and tried to replicate it, so iam glad it was perceived that way

Updating my profile page

Dont worry about it :P the reason i posted it was to get feedback like that :D Thank you =)

Finally some progress on my battle hud

@Dark: Thanks =)
@Guitar: Iam currently using Schala battle system by moghunter, so the battle takes place on the map , without a transition :)
@Link lol thanks , and its the same game :P

Ex-Stigma Link system

For all the basic skills you will unlock , like tools provided by lonis they do not need to be in the party. But linked skills used by the two characters together in battle , they have to.

This system is still in the planning stage, but my main idea of this system is to have the player learn different things with the help of his ex-stigma. Such as being able to learn how to become a blacksmith by linking to his mind.

The pic is just an example of how i would like the system to work.

Finally found a spriter!

yea he does :P gave him noctis from ff15 as referance , wich also look pretty similar hehe

Thank you guys!

lol thank you :P I'll do my best :)


Very cool! Is the red tint showing the time of day or is it always like that in the desert?

Thanks , time of day =)


Thank you, iv already made some changes about the heads :P they are actually part of an event i made were they move and stuff , maybe should have said that in the description lol. And the lightning turned out to bright indeed, changed that to. appriciate the feedback :)

Testing passabillity for my desert map

I think some shadows are missing, like the ones behind the brick wall (didn't knew it was a wall until you passed behind it, I thought it was something on the floor).

There are also some parts where a lot of space seems to be left impassable even if there's enough space to walk (mainly to the right of the water -still I guide myself with what I've seen on the video so feel free to ignore this if that's not true-). Maybe putting some extra obstacles there would make it evident.

Lastly, I first thought that the giant skull was impassable. But after seeing the video, I thought of it as a gentle elevation (?).

Seems really good. Cheers and best wishes!

Thanks for the input orochii, iv changed a few things now :) as for the skull i still havnt decided if i want it to be passable or not :P

Testing passabillity for my desert map

yea i do :P