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[Help] Hud and hp/mp positioning for Schala battle system

Hey guys Iam in need of some script editing since I feel like iam losing my mind trying to figure this stuff out myself :P I'm at a point were iam configuring my battle systems graphics and iv stumbled upon a major setback or 2 actually.

for starters , Iam using moghunters new battle system called "Schala" and I must say iam totally in love with it.
http://www.atelier-r...hala/Manual.htm <- link to it.

as for my problem , Iam currently creating my own graphics for the huds and hp/mp bars etc and now i tried to change the positioning of them. I can see that in the script he has alot of configuration when it comes to just that , but unfortunatly it dosnt just for the things i want lol :P

1. In his script you have the option to posiion your HUD and the distans between the other members huds, but you can only set the distans between the main guy and the other 2. So basiclly what i want is to have 3 locations for the 3 different huds , hope that makes sense.

example: HUD1 x y / HUD2 x y /HUD3 xy
instead of how it is now: HUD_SPACE = <- both hud 2-3 so they move together.

2. And I would also like to change the HP/MP bars , usually in moghunters battle systems he has a png file in the graphics folder that acts as the hp bar , but in this case there isnt one. so iam guessing a script is drawing the bars somewere :P so a way to modify the bars would help alot.

Pheew , didnt mean to write this much lol , i just suck at explaining :P anyway I really hope someone can help me out with this thanks in advance

[VX-Ace] Survival&puzzle game [request&ideas]

Hello ! So as Iam waiting for some resources for my main project Ex-Stigma I have decided to create a small survival & puzzle game. It will not have any battle system and will mostly be focused on dialouge and brainstorming. Although the player CAN die by accidents, such as getting hit by a car,train or even falling obstacles. And to avoid these things there will be a quick time event for you to decide the outcome.

The name of this game is ALIVE and is currently developed by myself but hopefully I'll get some more people onboard. So the reason Iam making this topic instead of a project topic to display the game, is because I don't have enough to show yet and that I would like some help in regards to HOW to make a game like this interesting and fun playing.
These are a few questions I would like to know about you as a player so that I can make it as enjoyable as possible.

  • What kind of puzzles do you like? What is a challenge and what is frustrating?

  • Dialouge, what is to much and do you bother reading it ?

  • horror, do you like horror? And what about it do you like

Ps: To anyone that would be interested in joining me in making this project I would love to have you onboard.
So far Iam looking for a:

  • Scripter, Since I can't script to save a life having a scripter helping me out to edit/create scripts would be a life saver.

  • pixel artist, Spriting is also something I can't do unfortunatly so having a spriter to edit/create would be awesome.

  • Sounds, Altough I "can" make my own sounds I can't say that they would match up against someone who knows what they are doing lol , so having someone who can make "creepy" horror sounds/themes would be a welcome addition.

  • Dialouge and puzzle design, Since english isn't my native language I cant promise that you would understand every word I write and every puzzle I make, So some creative people who can come up with some uniqe and fun puzzles with some nice dialouge to go with it and someone who can correct some grammar misstakes would also be a welcome addition

and that's pretty much it. Thanks for reading!

Vx Ace playing movies

Hello Iam just wondering what file format is supported for ace when it comes to playing movies, whenever i try to play something it crashes lol. And I can't seem to find any information regarding this so iam thankful for any information you can provide :P
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