Want to remake my game list, but unsure where to host

Years ago I had a massive game list as I got tired of seeing people ask for new horror rpgs and just not googling to find them. It was on tumblr however, and the site isn't the best to reach people now. Any ideas where to host the list in a clean format?

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Okay, this is going to be a very, very long shot if not impossible but here it goes.
I'm looking for a game that I forgot the title, I remember parts of the story pretty well and everything, here's what I remember;
-Made around 2010-2014?
-It was only on deviantART at the time, no where else. Tried searching there but the search is absolutely useless and only pulled fanart :L
-It was an adventure game being developed, and the developer was updating it just as they thought up stuff to throw in
-The main protag was a gothish/emoish girl with short black hair. she was often sarcastic with lots of cursing. she had black and white striped arm warmers and i think shorts
-crude humor
-art style kinda like panty and stocking
-it was not at the time listed anywhere else but the dev's deviantart journal. they also were not the artist and it was another user doing the art.
-game starts off with the protag falling, hinting that this is a dream and they fall into an entirely different world from their own
-had some darker themes like mental illness, depression, self harm, etc, but it wasn't overbearing
-around chapter 5th or 6th, the protag is back in highschool and comments how weird that is because she has already graduated and you pretty much run around solving a couple of characters problems at the time to progress the story
-i vaguely remember something about a hospital being one of the chapters, but not horror type. there was a bad guy and stuff, but can't remember them too well. the end of the hospital had a chase i think.
-protag had a pretty rough homelife and wasnt on good terms with her father, and there was hints of alcoholism
-title had the protag's name at the start, so it was something like ''character crazy adventure'' or ''character bizarre dream'', something of that sort.

The Witch's House

I somehow doubt that 3/17/1800 is the correct completion date for this game

I assume the mods told me way back then I could just leave that blank, considering they basically talked me through the entire process, step-by-step. Still pretty funny I didn't catch that five years ago though.

The Dinosaur Festival

What an adorable game!

Blank Dream

Probably. Which ones do you plan on bringing over?

I don't plan on moving any others. I got Ib and The Witch's House though

Blank Dream

Ayoo, someone else moving her games.
I got a couple of them but I'm too busy to move the others entirely, are you gonna move more over here?

Pokémon RMN Version

in my dream last night this was finished

The Bad Lebowski

My emotions are far too mixed, you hit 'bad' perfectly with this.

RMN Valentine's Community Gam

I'll sign up I guess, is editing the sprite allowed?

Freddie Fedora's Guide to Picking Up Women

How do I get this to work? Omg
I install the crap, it doesn't show up. No new folder, file, nothing.
Interesting... I haven't heard any problems as a result of the installer yet. Did you go through the whole process and no errors popped up? Just lack of any changes once you had finished going through it all?

Also what operating system are you using?

Yup, and I'm on Windows 7 64 bit