Want to remake my game list, but unsure where to host

Years ago I had a massive game list as I got tired of seeing people ask for new horror rpgs and just not googling to find them. It was on tumblr however, and the site isn't the best to reach people now. Any ideas where to host the list in a clean format?

Free features on that blog of mine, post here!

Because of me trying to get my health back on track, my Tumblr, rpgpixelgames has slowed down immensely. I was trying to put more promotion out there, but I'm running out of ideas already.
If you're not aware, the tumblr is mostly for getting more obscured and unknown Rpgmaker games some attention. I was going to play test each game before featuring, but I can no longer do that with my health. I feel quite awful for falling behind with so many followers, and every new follower reminds me of that. OTL

The requirements are;
Your game must have a working download.
Somewhere, anywhere you state it's genre.
Six screenshots already taken.
No demos, sorry.
They don't have to be hosted here, but please have the above. I want to show everyone what the game is about, what it looks like, the style, if it's something they want to check out.
Simply link to the game if you have the above~ c:

This is a bug report right? Aaayyee got a bug....

So I've been trying to give Pokemon Essentaionalelelel games another go. For whatever reason a few months back 99.9% of them just outright refused to open when I clicked on the exe yet every last RPG XP game worked fine for me, so I said f it and moved on. I got one to work about two weeks back, been playing it while gathering others that are anywhere near an hour complete, and decided today let's try them out!
But let's not!
Un...RAR them? Started them up and none of them had sound. I thought well 7zip prolly fu up. After about five of them and NOT using 7 zip, I'm pretty sure it's not 7zips fault?? 8D;
Went back to the game I was playing before, and now it doesn't have sound. I opened my sound mixer to see if I somehow, just somehow muted it. Nope, it was turned all the way up. Sound just wasn't playing from the game that's been on my computer, already unzipped, and has had it's music and sound effects in the correct holders, working correctly before today, and now it's not.
To further my confusion I just tested out Dear Red, that was made on RPG Maker VX Ace, and I hear everything just fine.
Summing this up my cuntputer is no longer playing RPGMaker XP games sounds, new or already on my cuntputer.

Needing help resizing sprite base

I've been trying over and over, but apparently it's still too large for RPG Maker. I'm not skilled enough with tiny pixels apparently, is anyone else able to save this base?

EDIT: yeee i see the mess up in the walking frames i'll figure how to fix that
EDIT 2; I think i fixed the walking idk

Are some of these things script-able?

Well, I plan on making a game in the veeery distant future. I want to get all the writing done, including character profiles. Then do the actual art and make sure I like all the designs, blah blah blah. Some of it I'm re-writing right now, even 'though I thought I had it all planned aha...

But I don't know how to script, I don't know how to even begin to script. I look at beginner tutorials and they just completely lose me. I'll probably try to get a scripter after all the writing and designs are done. But some of the features I'm not sure about.

Getting attacked without going into battle, by just talking to the character. This also needs to trigger some diaglog. It can repeat I guess.

Health bar that resets after changing to another map.

One of the characters are supposed to give hints, and this is kinda supposed to change as you progress.

Upsetting the helper causes another character to come out and attack you, the same way the other characters do.

Characters joining the crew only after you've talk to them enough times.

Helper character unlocking certain areas? (This can be the end of the quest, you talk to them to end the quest and it unlocks the area.)

It's a horror-ish game. The character designs are dark and almost everyone is dead(Aside from 3 characters). I don't feel like putting random items for healing would make sense, because it's not a straight up RPG. That's why the health has to reset.

Also why isn't the list function working in preview? Omg I'm sorry if this is horribly spaced.

The RPG Horror/Exploration/Puzzle Game List Pt 2

Guess who's back. Back again. -murdered-
SO, I got that Tumblr set up a while ago! It's gotten a few followers and the list of some 80 games has 700+ notes? I think that's pretty good, aye. Buuut I am having trouble adding more by now, I've been watching the tags, this site and a few other sites over the passed month? Only about eight more games have shown up. I also lost a couple of links because I thought I would find them again easily, silly me. If you guys have anymore games to add go ahead.
This next bit is a copy-pasta from my posts on other sites, lol.

The game list is right here; http://rpgpixelgames.tumblr.com/gamelist
I already know of dead links, by the way.

-Game lengths are between 30 minutes and 3 hours, thank you.
-Even if it's God awful, if it's extemely popular(See: Killer Bear), it'll probably get on the list so people won't ask me for the download link DAILY.
-English please, it can come in different lanauges, but it also needs to have an English version. I'll link to all version.
-Completed or hella slow updating games(The reason 'Me' is being taken down is because is updates far too often.)

To be removed in the next update;
Me(Creator said it's for the better)
Astatine Adventures
Names will be clickable!

Not yet added, but will be added when I update the list;
Monster Love Party
Time Traveler
Seven Mysteries
Castle Chase
Kampong-The Shadow of the Truth
Kanye Quest 3030
The God of Crawling Eyes
The Wedding
Desperate Love Feast
Lost in the Woods
Your Star
Halloween Flop
Corpse Party-CROSS FEAR-
Prelude of Identity

Already on the list;

The Witch's House
Mad Father
The Crooked Man
Mermaid Swamp
Hello? Hello...O?
Corpse Party -REBUILT-
Corpse Party IF
Corpse Party D2
The Desolate Hospital
Killer Bear
Death Proclaimed
Death Proclaimed 2
Death Proclaimed 2, Valerie's Letter
Desert Nightmare
Kaii Syndrome.(JK)
The Mirror Lied
Longing Ribbon
The Here and Now of Yesterday
Dementia Praecox
Clock of Atonement
The Mansion
Uninvited Guests
The Visitor
It's Our Revolution!
Ghost Party
Happy Birthday
She Comes
The Theater
7 Days
Blue Marble
It's a Small World
Queen Mary's Script
Safety: Life Is a Maze
I'm Scared of Girls
Star Stealing Prince
Very Retrouvaille
Very Pink Game
Melon Journey
Willa & Rott
A Midhorror Night
Sorrow Moor
Lost Utopia

Yume Nikki Fangames(Split off incase you guys don't want to see these)

Yume Nikki itself
Divinity Fatum
Kyoku Yume

Looking for horror RPG Games.

Sorry! First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place! It says help requests, no? I'm requesting help from you guys. I'm sure you all have heard recently over the passed year or so vgperson has been translating horror rpg games, or games like it, right?

Well, people don't quite know about you guys yet and they want more and more gaaaames. No one has made a master list, so I'm working on that right now. I need to check the games first, of course, and the list will be posted on Tumblr. You can link your game or promote someone else's Horror/Adventure RPG Game here.

Skinwalker v1.1
Happy Birthday
Ghost Party
Broken Bottles
It's Our Revolution
Pom Gets Wi-fi(SO I haven't tested this one yet~ XD)
Crooked Man
The Witch's House
Mad Father
The Mirror Lied
Mermaid Swamp
Kaii Syndrome
Yume Nikki(And all the fangames blah, blah, blah...)
Corpse Party IF
Corpse Party D2: Depths of Despair
Corpse Party ZERO
Corpse Party -Rebuilt-
The Desolate Hospital
A Midhorror Night
Death Proclaimed
Tales From The Reaper
Hello? Hell...O?
Longing Ribbon
The Here and Now of Yesterday
Dementia Praecox
Clock of Atonement.

Time to start adding!
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