The walls between worlds begin to weaken, and one man seeks to bring them crashing down for good...



Moonsong: First Verse

Thank you! Leonov is a good all rounder, so he's a good first choice. I have heard many reports that the game gets quite a bit easier later on if you do any grinding at all, so that difficulty might fall off if you're a thorough explorer and spend all your AP wisely, fair warning!

DynRPG controls the battle speed, so you might notice the ATB gauges are somewhat slow to fill at times. Your current AP count also won't display when you visit shrines, as it is tied to DynText to display. You'll have to use the AP Relic item (which I think you start with) to check periodically. Otherwise, everything should work fine. I actually though I used Dyn more, but apparently I ended up omitting it for the most part, so it's overall a good fit for EasyRPG.


Looks like the player is in for quite a walk!


The texture on those purple cliffs is really nice! The colour scheme here is also very atmospheric.


I love this whole thing, but especially those columns forming a bridge. Brilliant!

Ascension - Chronicle of Blackhaven

This looks amazing!

Villnoire Review

Couldn't agree more with this review! Villnoire has a level of polish rarely seen. I think the combat woes are mostly due to RM2k3's weak combat system. Even though it's used well here, it's hard to completely overcome its weaknesses.

Glad to see this game getting some well deserved love!

Everlasting Journey

anti virus Mcafee detect a virus when i open the game ! Please check
False positive. Enigma Virtual Box is used to package the app, and it stems from that. I can assure you it's not a virus.

Windows 10 Defender flagged the executable as a virus, as well. It started with a ! which apparently means it is auto-flagged thanks to some sort of machine learning algorithm. Seems like an obvious false positive, but I thought I'd let you know.

Chapter I to Be Uploaded Next Week

I'll also grab it as soon as I can!


I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I just checked and I couldn't find any way of switching the default command screen from the left to the right, either. There's no tick box or anything that I could see. You're using plugins to customize certain message windows, right? Is it possible one of them effects in-battle stuff, as well?

Moonsong: First Verse

This was a fun experience! I enjoyed my journey through this game, and I learned a lot about rm2k3 while playing it.

I have one question: how did you remove the 'Order' option from the menu?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Always happy to hear that!

I find the Order command to be quite pesky when you're making custom systems for party management, so it usually gets the axe quite early on from me.