The walls between worlds begin to weaken, and one man seeks to bring them crashing down for good...



Screenshot Survival 20XX

oh no I didn't mean to disparage mansions I love mansions please don't beat me up

You're obviously working with a very cool style, but I think the filter is t o o p o w e r f u l if for no reason other than that it's covering up some pretty moody artwork underneath. I'm sure it looks less obfuscating during movement, though.

damg that looks cool as heck. I am very intrigued by the rusty silo in the backdrop of that battle scene. Disproportionately so tbh

I love mirrors in 2D games. So many chances to pull off cool visual tricks. Don't disappoint me

It looks like a cool style, and I want to see more of it to get a better feel for how it works in game!

Every time you post a screenshot your artwork gets better, and it was already pretty good to begin with. Top marks!


Maybe solid black dividers is an overcompensation?
I think that the thick borders made it look a bit less like it was drawn on and more like it was... recessed into the paper. How about (a middle ground):

[RM2K3] Map tree/database corrupted?

I can't recommend any fixes for this at the moment, but 1357kb is definitely not the default ldb size. I have two projects. One has a massive database and is 860kb, the other has a much smaller database but far more Battle Event coding and is 1250kb.

There is this tutorial if you have another copy of your game (even a broken one) (near the bottom of the tutorial, you just make a map change and save changes, which should give you a new lmt).


Those mini-sprite clumps are adorable.

[RM2K3] How do I change the map tileset?

Right click on the map tree and select "Map Properties". Under the "Name" field there is a list called "Tileset". You can click on that and change it to any tileset you have set up in the database. By default, I believe there should be five options. "Inner" or "Interior" is the default interior graphics.

If you want to add more options to that dropdown list, you need to go into the database (it's the button to the right of the 1/8 zoom button in the top list of icons). Once in the database, click "Tilesets" and you will be presented with lots of options.

[RM2K] I'm old. Help me catch up on changes since 2006.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

*enthusiastic thumbsup emoji* soon

Excellent vibe, cool use of height. I'm pretty intrigued by an RM horror game that doesn't take place in a mansion (no offense to mansions).

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I only have two thumbs to put up, but you get them both

but also "you're" is a word

I see JUMP POINTS you cannot hide from me, treasure!

Killing it, as usual. The general vibe is so macabre and spooky.

hmm, I wonder what inspired that post

Anyway here are some more screens from Moonsong, a game that uses 80% ripped graphics:

S T E A L T H minigame

more sneaking around, less minigame


I agree! It feels more like a skill tree and less like a bunch of icons floating in space.

Marrend plays World of Xeen!

There's just something so magical about that forest of jumbled green pixels. Maybe it's the secret herb that yells at you when you try and pick it twice, maybe it's the depth of the trees which you don't see in most modern games, I don't know. But it's MAGICAL.


Updated this one with what is most likely going to be its final look.