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This is really cool. I might not have the time to get around to looking at this any time soon, but at a glance this looks like a very well put-together translation and I think that any effort at translating hidden gems from other countries for English-speaking audiences should be commended. In the meantime, I'll be showing this to my friends who might be interested in this kind of game. Thank you!

Old/Lost RpgMaker Games - SegNin's Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Hello, I noticed that I have a few of the games that are being requested. I haven't personally tested them outside of making sure they start properly, but I'm pretty sure they should have all the files they require and should run as intended barring further updates that I never downloaded. I've kept in save files just in case they were part of the original download since that was sometimes the case back in the day.

Stinky's Misadventures ~ Chapter 2: The Long Sands - Demo V3.0
The Sword and the Fish - Version 2 — No clue what's different between this version and the one already on the site, but here it is.

Anastasia ~ this isn't the way things are supposed to be
Anastasia 2 ~ As I ponder weak and weary... — This seems to be just a short teaser for a sequel to the first, I dunno if there was ever more or not.
Earthbound Memoirs — This version's titled "Earthbound 2", but it's definitely the game in question. I don't know if there was ever a later version.
Obama RPG — This demo only has Chapter 1, which I don't believe is the final update ever released according to the RMN page.
Rainbow Nightmare Chapter 1
Tales of Falonia
Wraith — this one looks like it's still up on RMN to me
Wraith: The Second Chapter ~ Sainth
Zelda : Final Apocalypse — The folder and game title are different, but the title screen is the exact same as on the RMN archive page.

This is what I've noticed in the requests. I might post a full list of what I have later in case there's other rare or interesting stuff that people are interested in. I'm almost certainly not Leaving Online anytime soon either so I'll probably download everything that's available in the thread when I have the time and keep them safe for the future. I will say if it's ever possible it's probably preferable for there to be a more dedicated platform for uploads than Mediafire and the like should those ever go down as well.

Also, does anyone remember a Final Fantasy 1 Remake for RPG Maker 2003 that had very 2000's humor and a Castlevania section where you could get Simon Belmont as a party member for some reason? I've looked through the Final Fantasy games on the list but I don't think it's among them.

Danganronpa Forge:Re

i hate this a lot, thank you so much for making it

Null Regrets Review

Don't get me wrong, not saying I'm not appreciative, but I just hope that you feel you made the right decision without feeling that you compromised what you were aiming to make all because of one guy, which would be significant for a small upstart game like this. Seeing how extremely harsh some of my wording was in regards to that, I definitely plan on taking some of that back.

Haha, don't worry about it. I modified the bosses' stats primarily because I felt I had to take resetting of party status into account. Outside feedback was also important, of course, but in no way do I feel like I took steps that compromised my vision. In my personal tests for the update, Form 2 became rather tedious with their original stats — especially since they only have a 2 to 3 turn cycle for their movesets (gets rather boring to see over and over) and Suit no longer retains an Aggression buff — so I nerfed them. Conversely, I upped Form 3's stats and skillset because in my personal tests I would usually blow right through that part.

Honestly, player feedback particularly came into play with the modification to the Stage 2 Boss. Several players told me that they would spend around a half-hour on this boss, an effort which also tended to lead to a crash. This was a slog I did not want people to think was intentional, so the game now punishes them with an unavoidable party wipe for stalling too long. For the record, when I told one of said players about this new turn limit he was quite flabbergasted.

One thing I will say is I went with an altogether different party set-up... well just one was different really. Instead of Momentum I used Fury. I felt getting through this much faster would need an extra offensive player, especially one with as powerful a combo attack as Ignite mixed with the attack the does double damage. 20+ points of damage at once is nothing to sneeze at. It definitely was that little guy that made short work of the Three Suckateers (I think that's a better name for them now than "the three assholes" wouldn't you say? (;).

I also must admit I didn't really test out alternative Construct loadouts much. I intended Boss 2 to be cleared by using Fury and Momentum and every form of the Final Boss can be done using Guardian and Momentum, which I generally did for testing. I did want to make Health more useful, particularly for Form 3, but I was afraid of players using Health to stall the battle out, potentially leading to a crash. Anyway, if you happened to find an alternate party that worked for you, that's great!

I also didn't know that that was the only guy you had to kill to move on - was it like that with the previous version of the game? Because I decided to just arbitrarily focus on killing him, and, when I did, then I got to meet the Reaper, or, actually, what was his name again? Did it begin with a "V"? I'm bad with names, in general, let alone with RPGs where I'm barely focused on the enemy names.

Bosses with minions have always died upon killing the "main part", though I never bothered testing out strategies focused on that. Along with that, the "Reaper" is called 'Quietus', but quite frankly the names in this game (both for enemies and allies) really don't matter at all. As I mentioned in my response to nhubi's review, they're only there for ease of battle targeting.

Anyway that guy put up a pretty good fight, my game did close out on me in the middle of one of my fights with him though (oh, another thing, this seems to extend to battles in general - one incident I forgot to mention was when I ran into the battle with the three red jellies, I mad a concerted effort to try to beat them - I had managed to do so with the white ones, but the red ones were much more stubborn - after a while the game closed out - so I'm thinking it's less to do with specific battles and more to do with something in the battle system in general - maybe you've already considered that, but just wanted to bring that up).

This actually happened to me for the first time while I was testing the update. As you can imagine, this bug is quite irritating to completely fix.

That's why after I finished him off and got to the fourth battle, which I knew was part of the same fight, so if it crashed I'd have to fight the third boss all over again. This is where I got in a panic throwing everything I had at the little bastard. He was certainly non-threatening but he had a surprisingly long health bar. It eventually came down to just blind and quick mashing, trying to beat him, paranoid that the game would shut down on me any moment, haha. I can't imagine what it'd be like if I got that far in the original iteration of the game (without boosters of course).

I did have my concerns with keeping the 4th Form's LF as is, since it can certainly take a while to defeat it. This is probably ridiculous to say, but I designed it like that so that the song in the background would have time to play a good portion out. If I hear reports of people crashing on that last part specifically because of how long it takes I may lower his health in another minor update.

Anyway a VERY heavy rewrite of my review is in the works, not just for these changes but other things I discovered, some small, some large.

To turn what you said earlier around, I certainly hope my correspondence hasn't compromised your own thoughts on the game too heavily. I greatly respect the integrity of reviewers and only wish to see their honest opinions.

Like, in the review I mentioned I had no idea what Freeze or Sleep did (the former doubles the WP cost of attacks and abilities, some to the point of being impossible to use, the latter makes it so your next turn only regenerates 1 WP instead of 2 - did I get that right?)


I also didn't know there were two endings until I read nhubi's review. Then I figured it had something to do with the 3 happy memories. First time I finished it with the boost trick, I only had 2 of them. Finishing them with 3, I... wow, must say that's a really good ending and changed my perspective of the main character and why he's doing all this. I suppose I should have suspected something like this, but his journey feels all the more justified now. Never seeing this ending in v.1.0 is this pretty much the same ending or were there changes/rewrites made? The further details of the past coyote incident turned things on its head I must say.

Here are the "major" changes to the game's dialogue. Before, the "shadows" in the second stage were basically there for no reason other than giving the area a sense of tension. I rewrote the dialogue upon encountering the first shadow to make them a symptom of people who routinely experience violent thoughts, adding more foreshadowing to Suit's secret dilemma.

The ending itself is basically the same, except now Suit mentions that his distrust for getting help from strangers — even if they are professionals — stems from a fear that they would use his secrets against him somehow. This idea could probably use further expansion but I didn't want to revise too much for what was supposed to be a bugfixing update.

I didn't catch whatever the pun that you added in was though. (???)

Malice's single-target normal attack, 'Sickle', was renamed to 'Vile Lance'.

And so ends another overlong piece of babbling for yours truly. Once my headspace is cleared I will come back to this one, go over it and fix it up. If it requires starting from scratch altogether (which I hope not) then so be it. All the best, z_f

Don't stress over updating the review — I'm just happy to hear that you could finish the game without insurmountable crashing. Thanks again for your thoughts!

Null Regrets v1.01 with RTP

Thanks! Finished it now (although it did take a second attempt no less.. crashed right when it switched to the ending scene).

The ending clears it up into a healthy direction I'd say.

I'm happy to hear that the game was able to be finished! Still, I apologize for the crash you experienced — as you can probably gather, this issue is a real headache-inducer. Thanks again!

Null Regrets Review

For SMT, does this include Nocturne? I have heard of that being one of the most difficult ones in the series. Probably the very earliest titles on the Famicom are too. Don't know about about the recent ones, from what I gather they would seem more accessible. I don't know anything about Etrian Odyssey other than that its name is thrown around a lot among "prominent modern RPGs that exist."

Out of curiosity, what would you consider to be some legitimately challenging RPGs? I know The 7th Saga is infamous for its seething hatred of the player. Probably some very old CRPGs and dungeon crawlers are really hard, like the early Wizardry titles.

I played Nocturne on hard, and while I certainly did die a lot, I never really felt like it was a "difficult" game because I wasn't really switching up my strategies for every boss battle. It was almost always buff, debuff, attack weakness if possible, heal if necessary. It was more a game of preparations — fusing the perfect demon for every situation and ingesting the right Magatama — rather than thinking in the heat of battle, at least to me. Nonetheless, it's still one of my favorite RPGs because I enjoyed the atmosphere of exploring a world alone with the help of demons who are far too outlandish to relate to as "allies". It's a very isolated type of feeling that not many RPGs try to capture (the Fallout series is the only other that comes to mind, but I've only played the original one).

Early Famicom RPGs can certainly be considered quite difficult too — Dragon Quest II vaguely comes to mind — though back in those days I hardly believe the majority of them could be considered "fair" difficulty, as in the kind you could get past with tactics other than grinding or the occasional exploit of some odd stat glitch. It's been a while since I played an RPG from those days though, so maybe I'm mistaken.

I haven't played 7th Saga, but I do know quite a bit about it from gleaning various sources. It's an interesting game because the only reason it is difficult is due to its localization botching up the code in some manner; I forget the exact details, but it had something to do with stats not scaling as well as it did in the original Japanese release — something unintentional. Even disregarding that, it also seemed like a very milquetoast RPG that again relied on preparation, this time of stat-boosting items, and the variety of actions in battle didn't seem to allow much complexity either. I probably wouldn't enjoy it.

Wizardry, on the other hand, I have muddled memories of trying a while back but being unable to get into it. I don't remember the specifics, unfortunately, but I guess something must have frustrated me because I do quite enjoy games where I create my own party.

As for what RPGs I've found legitimately challenging, the most recent that come to mind are Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 and 4, played entirely on Insane difficulty. Now, quite frankly, I find the series lacking in every other factor (especially because I'm not a fan of Penny Arcade), but the battles are amazing; I felt like I got through each of them by the skin of my teeth and I loved it. Of course, it also helped that there was essentially no way to grind in that game, so you actually had to rethink your strategies both before and during battle on a regular basis. It really respected players' time and intelligence.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume was challenging. Although I didn't like it too much.

Thanks for reminding me, I enjoyed Covenant of the Plume a lot as well and consider it very underappreciated.

But anyway, I replayed this so many times (is this a testament to your game that I cared enough to retry it this much? Maybe, ha) that the first part of the final fight has become much less a problem for me. The strategy, the "loop" I was talking about, actually works since he never heals, just attacks and boosts his aggression. If I could only kill the healer in the second round, but I just...can't...do it. Is there a pattern to when they heal? I know they never heal two rounds in a row, not that I've seen. Is it after two rounds? Is it random? Taking out the fighter guy first might be a good idea too, since he's really the cause of all the party's misery. If all we have left is a buffer and a healer I can just repeatedly wallop them until they're down. But, I don't have this game on my computer anymore, so I'll wait on that for a bit.

Constancy is programmed to do two actions: Heal and debuff Aggression, switching between the two each turn. I designed this game to have skills that "combo" with each other, and through a certain combination of skills it's possible to have Suit buffed to have 3 turns and +50% Aggression indefinitely. With that in mind, I kinda just rush down the guy immediately.

The strategy is subject to change now, however, as the update has actually progressed quite substantially since I stopped caring about fixing the bug directly. I must admit I was hesitant to split the final battle into parts because I really enjoyed the way they flowed together, but allowing players to actually finish the game legitimately is, of course, the priority. Anyway, expect the update within the next few days (or maybe even tonight!). Thank you all for your continued interest!

Null Regrets Review

Thanks for dropping by. I'm REALLY starting to think the crashes have something to do with how long you remain in battle. The times the game crashes for me were when I was sticking out for a long time (well it's always a long time but potentially longer than others). I'd like to know how long it took the playtesters to beat who I now call "the three assholes" in the final fight let alone the entire battle in general if you can get that information, thanks.

The propensity for the bug to happen after extended time in battle has been noted on multiple occasions, so it will be the focus on the fixes to come. My main playtester did mention that the second form of the final battle was the most obtuse of them to get through, but he was able to get through it without any help on my part. While none of them have given me specific times as to how long the entire fight took for them, I estimate that they found Form 1 moderately challenging, Form 2 the most difficult, and Form 3 superfluous (it's the kind of thing you'd want to just kill as soon as possible rather than prolong).

The easiest way to fix this would probably be to split the battle up. Make a cut somewhere and it'd be fine - I always get to the last part.

As I have been unable to discern the cause of the bug over the last two days, I've switched over to this plan. This may require re-tuning of the final battle, however, because I'm unsure if I can make certain buffs carry over.

Oh btw never mind the raging in Update Zwei. Just when I thought I was getting better I fell back down several steps behind again. The bug crashing the game isn't what is irritating me so, really. I'd much rather it be that the game crashes while I'm on a good streak than me gradually meeting my defeat and the game remaining open as if to say "take it all in, and suck it, bitch!" If any major updates are made, someone makes a video fighting and defeating the final boss, or at least one other person can confess to struggling for a long time with this boss, I mean ffs, come on now, I may give it another go, but for the time being, I'm done with this game. As far as I care, I've already beaten the game, whether it could be considered cheating or not, via the booster, so... yeah, that. Urrrghhhh...

I should point out that the fourth, final form of the final boss is intended to have no difficulty to it, so if you got through the first three you can absolutely say you completed all the challenges in the game.

I'm also sorry that you consider the game so frustrating. I always found challenge in most turn-based RPGs lacking, including some of the ones people hold up as the pinnacle of difficulty like the Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey series, so with this game I set out to create a system in which every action legitimately felt like it mattered.

Null Regrets Review

Greetings. I'm afraid I'm short on time so I'll have to only skim your review for now.

I'm terribly sorry that you experienced the crash bug on multiple occasions. I noted it in the "Known Issues and Bugs" section of the game description but I never expected it to be as widespread as it turned out to be, considering my playtesters never experienced it. However, the fight is entirely beatable without the cheat — while it is difficult, both my playtesters and I have gotten through it without issue. Indeed, the cheat was a last-minute addition as a failsafe against the crash bug. I have been attempting to fix it in my spare time ever since release, but I have still not made much leeway. I'll update the game posthaste once a fix is ready.

Here, the the enemy will probably just charge back into you again the moment you get out and you'll have to wait roughly ten turns again before you can try escaping another time.

There is a 2-second wait before the blobs start moving again, but I'll probably modify escapes to work better in the coming update regardless.

Thank you very much for your review — I'll be sure to give it a more thorough look soon.

Null Regrets

I see, that explains it. Thank you for the explanation. I really should've read that section, shouldn't I?
Well, I have bad luck ingame, so that's quite alright. It's too bad I won't be able to properly complete it nor write a review, but so be it. I'd probably mainly have ranted on depression and memories, too.

Good luck on finding the remedy ;)

Thank you very much for your understanding. Hopefully I'll be able to get an update out soon that makes the game crash-free from start to finish for all players. I was honestly planning to fix the crashes with an update that also adds revised / additional content, but since this appears to be a more widespread issue than I thought I'll be saving those for later whilst I put bugfixing on the forefront. Until then, thanks for playing!

EDIT: A note to potential comments readers, the recently-released v1.01 update addresses the crashes. See the Blog post for more details.

Null Regrets

Edit:.. and it crashes on me sometimes while I select actions. Multiple times during the last fight, to be precise. No idea why... rinse and repeat it is. Why does it have to be so long :'(

EEdit: Seriously, this game hates me. Why do I spent hours retrying this .. saps on the motivation. *sigh*

Ah, I'm terribly sorry — that bug is pointed out in the "Known Issues and Bugs" section. I only discovered it the day before the contest deadline, and it appears that, as of right now, approximately 50% of players experience it (up from only myself when releasing it). I've attempted to fix it through disabling various scripts (including the animated backgrounds script, which I was almost certain was the issue), but to this day I have not found the cause nor solution to this bug. (To be quite frank, I almost feel as if it is an inherent fault of the game engine rather than my own because no error messages are produced upon such a crash.)

There is a method of boosting your party's stats in the game's description that you can use to easily bypass any encounter, but regardless I sincerely apologize that you may be unable to complete the game legitimately in its current state. I've been trying to brainstorm various methods of sidestepping the bug over the past month, but unfortunately, game making is only a hobby to me and I've had to put it aside to deal with several real life obligations and complications for that time period. Rest assured that I'll eventually produce an update to the game that remedies these crashes somehow — until then, I again sincerely apologize for the issues, as well as sapping your motivation.
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