The official English 2k3 version is out!

No, $ doesn't work. Yeah the ! is unnecessary. Forgot what it did XD I know you can change the font and icons. But it would be nice to have a more convenient way, like a folder to put an image of the desired icons or something. The skip title thing is only applied in test runs.

The official English 2k3 version is out!

Here a few changes that would be neat to have :)
-Larger sprites.
-Utilize the ! and $ in the spriteset name.
-Ability to skip the Title Screen.
-Ability to change font and icons.

Resident Evil : Requiem

So I got to the scene with Claire and the game tries to repeat the same thing again and freezes when ark is walking into a wall.

Edit: No worry, downloaded the fix :P

Resident Evil : Requiem

I don't really understand the puzzle with the statues and the fountain. Help please?

Bahamut - Between Light and Shadow

Okay so I have been looking everywhere... but I actually cannot find my way to graveyard... where am I suppose to go? Yes, I have the graveyard key.

Dead Moon Night

I'm playing and loving it! ^^ However... when I wait in battle when Lesser Fiend is supposed to turn into Greater Fiend it doesn't happen. It did once but I accidently hit escape and when I try to battle again he just won't show up :/

Skip Menu

I need a script for VX Ace that when you enter the menu you go directly to the items and skips everything else, help?

RPG Maker 2003 number lock

You create an event with the "input number" command with let's say 4 digits, and choose a variable, let's call it "0001:Number." Then right below you put a conditional branch that has "when variable "0001:Number" is equal to "4022" (this is the password), this happens (your events that you want to happen.

Menu script

Edit: Never mind, I did something else instead. But I have a another question, how do you remove the colon in the item menu? example: "Potion : 13" now change that to: "Potion 13"

NPC help!

I fixed it the way you said, Caz. But I used a variable instead x) works fine ^^
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