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I need a script for VX Ace that when you enter the menu you go directly to the items and skips everything else, help?

Menu script

Edit: Never mind, I did something else instead. But I have a another question, how do you remove the colon in the item menu? example: "Potion : 13" now change that to: "Potion 13"

NPC help!

If you display a message, the npc can still move around. For example: I have an npc following me and there's a table, I press the table which shows the message "A table!" but when it does the npc can still follow me instead of stoping while I'm reading the text. I want the npc to stop in its movement while I display messages. Help please, I'm using VX.

Message box (help)

I'm trying to move the message box by changing the values of this line: super(0, 288, 544, 128) and it works except the y-position. What am I doing wrong? I'm using VX by the way.
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