TwoHour, coming to an IRC near you!

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I still can't get over the fact that Kaiterra posted in the forums.

I discovered that I had PMs from 2013 that I never even saw until now haha.

TwoHour, coming to an IRC near you!

The theme was "The Villain Wins"

My entry can be found here:
- If you have RMVXAce RTP: https://www.sendspace.com/file/lvdhj4
- If you don't: https://www.sendspace.com/file/54bb0s

~ alter perfect ~

Ugh, my head....

Legion Saga Ace Sneakpeak Demo

Whoa, I just got transported back in time.

Marvel Brothel

I am enjoying your game but I want someone to make a walkthrough.

Code Geass: Painful Memories

Bug report from a guy I know on IRC who played this:

Tue Aug 3 | 10:08 pm | <@Imban> I like how Ashford Academy has like
Tue Aug 3 | 10:08 pm | <@Imban> All of 8 dorm rooms and one classroom.
Tue Aug 3 | 10:12 pm | <@Imban> Then the game breaks down and become un-continuable.
Tue Aug 3 | 10:13 pm | <@Kaiterra> This is the time for you to log in and report a bug
Tue Aug 3 | 10:13 pm | <@Imban> But I don't have an account so you'll do it for me.
Tue Aug 3 | 10:13 pm | <@Imban> Goto student council. Sorry I wasn't really adament on instructions as far as where to go, will fix in next patch. <- So y'know this?
Tue Aug 3 | 10:14 pm | <@Imban> Not actually possible! So the game stops there.

Code Geass: Painful Memories

Please don't break the tables, table breaker.

Gameplay Suggestions Wanted

I'd figure someone who's "by far" his own harshest critic would actually be able to handle other people's criticism a lot more easily instead of being so defensive about all of it and even trying to get people to retract it. They'd just be saying things you already know or would really amount to a drop in the bucket anyway.

You must be straight up lying.

That's something bad guys do.

Gameplay Suggestions Wanted

Yeah, uh, for the record, I've enjoyed (at least slightly) all the Max McGee games I played, particularly more recent ones. But you act like a real tool about criticisms. And the things Brickroad was talking about with this game got me kind of mad, but not as much as the response to them. :P That's why I'd call you a bad (albeit talented) guy. Getting too defensive about each individual quibble with what you're putting out is a good way to regress yourself and not develop at all. Look at all the shitty webcomic creators out there who keep doing the same bad crap as 10 years ago because of the support from their hugboxes.

It's not even bad for us quite as much as it is bad for you. This might be helpful reading: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1909019,00.html

Gameplay Suggestions Wanted

Try and be a better person instead of a bad guy.
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