So far I got most of the greek/Norse/Mesopotamian covered. Still studying Levantine, and Japanese. If RMN is ever looking for monster ideas, and such. I'm the man to ask.

Let me tell you all studying the Deities was incredibly annoying because every local city state had their own version of the same god/goddess, and if it was outside their region that same god/goddess pretty much turns into something else entirely with hints of it's origins, but enough it can be it's own thing for it's own country. For example that a lot of things we know today from most countries came from Mesopotamian myths. I was really surprised to learn how myths overtime transformed from the basic Mesopotamian concept that would later be in Greek/Hebrew/Norse/etc, but Asian mythology does have exceptions since there seems to be some originality.

Monsters on the other hand is pretty straight forward, and I had little trouble figuring that out, but some of them are so obscure that most people wouldn't know about it unless some game/movie out there made it mainstream (example being Krampus recently). Also did you know in greek there was a two-headed snake from one end to the other? A monster I was not really aware of. They did also have a concept of Winged Serpents that guarded specific places which is odd for greek mythology.

There is one other creature I want to mention. This is a odd one from Greek that there was also Gold-digging Ants. I was surprised they had such a idea for a ant monster.

Though according to a blogger:

"Some historians have theorized that this creature didn’t actually originate with the Greeks, but was a borrowed piece of legend from the Mahabharata, one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India." (Though I don't think it should matter too much because even the monsters of myth were borrowed a lot, and had their own twist on it).

It's also good to know that the first original dragons belonging to Mesopotamia were more Lion-like with hints of serpentine qualities. The Dragons we know today came way later.

Also I found out the creatures known as Mermen were also Mesopotamian in origin, and the Mermaids came later in the Levantine Mythology, but as a singular goddess named Atargatis. All mermaid myths pretty much spawned from that one goddess. Mermen on the other hand were represented in a group-like fashion far as I can tell.

Games & Windows 10

So I've read some stories that Windows 10 causes a lot of shit for games no matter if they're old or new. Should I go for at least 8.1 or 7?

Also I'm irritated by the fact they're trying to ditch optical-drives because alot of stuff I have need it.

Can a Rpg-maker Final Fantasy XI version be done?

The task would seem if not impossible, but throwing the idea out here for anyone insane enough to do such a project. I was reading how FFXI was going to be closed soon, and it seems such a waste they will never bother having a single-player experience even though the game was about the social multiplayer aspect.

I could imagine tackling this beast of a project would require quite a bit of RMNers to cover most things. I could imagine however when it came to it's story, and npcs that the layout is already there, and that would save lot of time.

Thought I share my thoughts on it. One could dream! Heck, maybe SE might do a single-player version of it when it is least expected. SE has been pretty unpredictable these days.

Is Win7 the best move to go from WinXP or can I just stick with XP?

I hope sometime to upgrade to a better gaming laptop installed with win7, but now after reading that win7, and later is going to be turned into spyware in recent updates (which I bet is a response from Win10 that people were not wanting their product after that bullshit, and doing this out of spite against the consumers) that it seems like there's no escape from their moronic decisions.

So I'm wondering if XP can still work just fine in newer laptops or will I run the risk of encountering fatal bugs?

Is Kaizo the new trendy word these days?

Just been noticing that word lately.


Oibit's Advanced SystemCare

You know I've used a lot of different anti-virus programs, and most of them always made my computer bloated, and slow to run. Some of the programs really didn't even get the job done correctly. Then I came across this, and it has made my computer run like crazy like I just bought my laptop brand new.

Personally as much as I tried to get my computer to be cleaned up properly I had a feeling there was junk files that just could not be removed efficiently. Even my CCleaner could not get it all.


But as with all programs it does have it's flaws, but god I never seen my computer run this fast in ages. I sound like the typical consumer you see on review sites, but I was just legitimately impressed. Maybe now I can actually run my games properly.

The End Of The Modding Community


This is going to create alot of problems in the future. The only good thing out of this will likely persuade large mod projects like Skywind to finish their creations with way better quality because they got the incentive to get money out of it.

But...it still makes me uneasy.

Also there is talk NexusMods might get taken down by Valve, but that's a rumor right now.

Modders are beginning to fight eachother now:


A internet RPG parody game

Would you all like a game that involved 4chan/reddit/Tumblr in all out war with eachother? The ideas that could be used would be hilarious. What absurd plot-line would you use for this setting?

(I mean hey there was that Sony fanboys vs Xbox Fanboys that Southpark did). lol

Has anyone tried to do a zelda-fan game based on the Hylian civil war?

I was looking at theories about the Forest, and Shadow Temple, and it would be so neat if someone out there did some prequel for it:

Forest Temple:

Shadow Temple:

Bottom of the well:

These theories would be fun to be used as material for a fan prequel.

I could not find much sources on this Megami Tensei game


It's Giten Megami Tensei, and try as I might I cannot find anything on this game. It's like this game was shoved up in the ass of darkness.