Simple trick to get MP3 files to play in older RPG-2003 Games

So I just started Demon Legacy tonight, and I noticed that a midi file I replaced with a MP3 song from Resident evil that was used for the title screen was not playing. I remember having this same issue before some years back when I tried to play this game with disharmony, and it would crash the game constantly, and I ended up giving up.

Well fast forward to today I applied the latest official patch to the game itself (The file that starts the game), and threw in DynRPG for good measure, and I got the MP3s to work properly.

I thought I share this tidbit tonight in case if anyone else was having the same issue I was having when working with older versions used for these games.

My title to this topic is not titled right. oops...

Windows XP users, looks like we just got tossed into the sea.

With the passing of XP, I can imagine our systems being connected to the internet is no longer going to be safe. I heard horrible stories how old style games like this, and other games like Baldur's Gate, Age of Empires,etc, does not play nice with Windows 7 and 8. Is there a way to get through these 1st world problems? lol

I want to say thank you to the whole RPG Maker community

I would have never thought 2D, and semi-2D gaming would have reached this far, and keep on going like it has. It amazes me how each year these RPG maker games keep getting better and better by local talent from all corners of the net. I remember the RPG maker 2000/2003 days when I stepped into the scene.(I didn't join the forums yet, I just knew about these games at this point, and being a young teenager at the time). I played alot of these games which some were good, and some were pretty bad.

The ones I recall playing way back when were these:
Devil Hunter: Seeker of Power (I think it was called? Classic rpg game).
Final Fantasy NOVA
Final Destiny(III)..I think it was III, this guy had a long series he was trying to develop.
Darn it, I remember this one game you had to go around fighting these Dragon Guardians, but I can't recall the name of that one.

There were others, but I cannot recall them. I gotta admit you all kept me from being damn bored when video game companies kept pumping out mediocre games during certain points. PS2 had alot of those though Gamecube had a better variety thankfully.

Overall I'm happy things are just getting better, and better now. I miss the old days alittle, but I'm looking forward where RPG maker will go to next.

Having problems creating instant-warps on SMBX.

I'm helping with the Zelda-II event, and one stumbling block I keep running into is the instant warps. Sure the character will go forward no problem, but I can't make him go back to the other area he already went through. I'm not sure if it's the direction facing that's causing the problem or something else.

I'm trying to make go right as he should to go into the area, but he cannot go left back into the older area.

Does anyone still use the assets from RPG maker 95?

I notice some of the stuff in the old engine had some pretty good sprite work from what I saw. I'm curious if people actually use any of it for the newer rpg makers.

Our Lord and Savior Aremen

Has been blessing us by resurrecting old rpg maker games from the dead, we should help thy savior with this of most holy of projects!!

Has there ever been controversial events in the RMN forums?

You know bad/crazy/bizarre events in the land of the RMN forums. Even though I've been going here for years, I wasn't much of a communicating person on here, so I don't know what I've missed. I'm just interested in stories about the RMN forums.

>> Yeah I'm bored.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

I know weird, but a female Squall would have been more badass! I guess in a parallel universe she exists. (if your into quantum physics theories).

The author who made Chrono Alter and Prelude will be coming back

Though he said he does not want to be associated with those projects anymore, and wishes to do a completely new chrono game. The decision was made because he was not satisfied with his old work of alter, and could make better use of continuity.

His new game will cover aspects from trigger to cross. He has all the visual stuff down thanks to previous assets that he will be using that came from prelude, and will not include anything from alter at all, so it saves him alot of work and more flexibility I believe.

He will be under a new alias and studio, so expect him to see him around in the future.

He hopes you all still enjoy shitty fan games of the good chrono community. :P (though I found his games good)

I've done my part to get the hype started. You all read it here first.

Forgot to mention the other team behind Chrono Shift is not dead, they are still working on it.

Is there any RPG games out there that look like the ones from the Sega Saturn (l'll explain)

Basically any criteria if any exist out there in RMN or beyond the website:

1.) Paper dolls, I think it wasn't consider true 3D models. Shining Wisdom had this I think.
2.) Anime-2D looking characters, the 90s look.
3.) Mix of 2D and 3D such as Shining the Holy Ark.

I hope I explained it well, if I didn't, basically are there RPG games out there that emulate such as the following:
Shining Wisdom
Shining the Holy Ark
Magic Knight Rayearth (I loved the 90s sprite-work back then).

Basically 3D/2D of their day that anyone has attempted to copy the authentic look back then for Japanese RPG games of the 90s belonging to the Sega Saturn system. (Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen anyone here on RMN used those sprites for their games..maybe except one on here, but not sure).

Maybe that's just my nostalgia talking. I personally think 90s art/spritework at the time to be of better quality.