I have some disappointing news regarding Final Fantasy VI

They are going to bring it over to android and iOS. It's going to look just as crappy as FFV-HD port and won't be much change to the monster designs either and character designs are just gonna look like ****.

Other news they want to remake FF-IV TAY in 3D..(what is their damn fetish with IV?)

I bet the new CEO and Toriyama aka Jackass is behind this. I can't defend Toriyama anymore knowing he's part of the problem.


A thought about the RMN Mario Bros with Link in it..why not start a Zelda II Event?

I think it could work and especially with the RMN-bros engine itself if one tinkers around with it and transform it into a Zelda-II type engine with the creator's permission or just make the engine from scratch.

Zelda-II type adventures....I don't think anyone has ever tried to attempt to make those except for someone trying to make a 3D-demo of it a long while back. It would be really cool to see what RMN community could make out of it. Zelda II doesn't get alot of love being the blacksheep of the Zelda games, but it was pretty fun in it's own unique way.

(I probably not the only one whose brought this up in RMN am'I)?

What Final Fantasy Monster was your favorite?

Guess I will start off...was Malboro:

Lol :P, jokes aside. I like that creature for it's completely grotesque form that is to be feared of due to what it can do.

On a side-note, does anyone think that final fantasy III(DS) had the most strangest roster of monsters? I always thought it was the black sheep of monsters created.

EDIT: Yikes that picture is too big, don't know how to down-size it.

What are the more unique RPG maker games you've seen through the years?

I've seen some on here that have their own thing going on, but to try to find the other unique games you have to go offsite and into blogs/other websites/etc to find the rest of the treasures, and sometimes is very vague or obscure to even find some of them. Some of them are on very old sites at that.

There was this Part 1 and 2 type of Zelda RPG game that was fully original in design aka The legend of Zelda Fallen Sage and The Legend of Zelda Time's Menagerie.

...I can't think of much else that stood out to me except for a few on here.

Should Fanon(fan-made) type games get their own special search request?

Though there isn't many for sure, but I think it would help sort out which of the games are fanon-based, and which are just original RPG maker/Game Maker games.

This is for people who love fanons mainly for Rpg maker/Game Maker/etc.

Like if you type in Legend of Zelda, but maybe not all zelda games will show up as a example if you did a regular search.

Of course there is unique games like Dragon Fantasy (which I love alot btw).

You know I have something to say right now, and I have tried to be friendly on here

It seems like whenever I start a topic, someone has to give me the elitist attitude and have some snide comment towards me and usually 100% of the time I never do anything wrong on here hence I never post much on here. Just what is with you all exactly?

I really try to be friendly, I really do. I figured this place wasn't so hostile hence why I joined, but I can see people have some kind of agenda against me for whatever that reason is. You know I may not be so well versed in RPG-maker, but I at least share the passion for the games here like anybody.

You know all this bull didn't start to happen till someone on here was being punked a couple years back, I didn't figure for this community to have a darkside, but it apparently it does.

I apologize if this unbecoming of me, but if you got a problem with me, how about this, ignore me. That is all you have to do.

Concerning Chrono Trigger: Prelude to a Dream

I had a chance to talk to Lance on Facebook, and he told me the project has been canceled, I figured I let anyone know that has been waiting for it, but he doesn't know the status of the other game Chrono Shift at the moment, so it's safe to assume it might still be in development.

Should we follow Shining the Holy Ark as a new game-design concept?

Well I know it's not really new, but I mean new for the RPG-maker community unless someone out there has attempted this already:


I always thought this kind of format would be a fun thing to do, plus it could give more freedom to artists to actually design monsters and characters without having to break their backs to do so. I think this kind of graphics is called Paper-dolls or some illusion to 3D, but not sure. It could be true 3D, but it's hard for to tell the difference with that specific game.

What do you all think?

Designing characters graphic boom!

I noticed lately more and more rpg maker creators are starting to design their own characters lately, it's refreshing to see this to be honest.

If anyone is looking for ideas for a fan-made Zelda game...


Someone could probably attempt where Nintendo left off with this project that was cancelled many years ago, and add your own twist to it. Farore needs a little love too!

Anyway thought I share.