Is it ok to talk about Final Tear now?

I was wondering if we should welcome him back, I don't think it was right of us to chase him out.

I noticed it has become hell for the RPG community

With Mega upload gone, every RPG site that supports the engines has taken a nose-dive since alot of the games needed that site.

If I had known something like that was going to happen, I should have been keeping the games for this community. I only managed to save several which goes by the following:

Megaman Paradise (if I remember right)
Castlevania II-Simon's Quest Remake (youtube link lead me to it, very rare)
Castlevania the Blood-letting
Legend of Zelda The Cave of the Elements
Legend of Zelda Fallen Sage
Legend of Zelda Time's Menagerie(currently corrupted, missing music file, game folder won't let me replace because Windows XP hates me)

Non-related games not from Mega, but if your interested:
Castlevania Sonata in Red
Rise of Magus(Chrono Trigger)

Few of these is game maker while some is RPG maker.

NOTE: Most of these are not really from this site. I do not know the current status of them if the makers of the games have managed to re-upload them or not, but anyone here is looking for these, let me know.

Can anyone rescue these two rare games?:

I already gave a heads up to a user on here that runs the rare games topic. I thought I let everyone there are two which are gonna end up becoming rare is:

Legend of Zelda Fallen Sage
Legend of Zelda Time's Menagerie

Both made by the same person ( I forget his name atm), which are done EXTREMELY well, well beyond RPG maker standards. I just hate to see these two games fall into oblivion, and I do not know the maker's current status.

I need some help locating these RPG maker games

I found this video on youtube, and I don't not recognize most of these games and I believe some of them are not listed in this site:


these are very good quality games, and I wouldn't mind playing them if I knew their names. :(

So it is possible to make enemies have movement after all and make it 3D

Promote Lance VII's projects and Update inside

There's has been steady progress so far with his projects, and I thought I try to get the community more involved with the Chrono Trigger games

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yj6epYBK9uQ (recent video, btw he's married now!)

Here's a facebook to Overture studios: 21 and growing! Please promote them! :)


Hope this is the right place to put this since it didn't fit into any other forum category.

Has anyone attempted a remake of Final Fantasy 3? (not 6)

Considering Square Enix preferred the DS and all with 3D and seeing I won't be getting one (money is tight right now). Was wondering if anyone in the RPG maker scene actually attempted to do a 2D remake of the game? I looked all over the internet, I couldn't find anything.

If there isn't one, I'm considering that I might touch up the graphics for the monster sprites and donate it to this site just for the heck of it.

A interesting idea for a new Rpg maker.

I'm not sure if it's possible or not, but can a game engine rpg maker be made who is savvy enough to create a engine that has xeno-gear like graphics? 2d characters with a 3d world.

I just figured it would be the most likely step in evolution while VX and XP take on the more beautiful 2D art-work approach.

Oh btw, sorry for the long hiatus. I figured it was best for me to stay away from this site after what happened while back due to the hostility that was going on.

EDIT: The reason I say this is because you can do alot more with environments in a 3D world than you can in a 2D world setting and plus it can be more easier to make in some respects though some you have to have a little experience with it. The idea with a engine that has the Xenogear type graphics would be the way to go, not something incredibly hard to make for everyone.

lol I have to admit

I didn't realize people were picking on my topic title: Is this review bias? I feel somewhat honored lol.

What happened to final tear and Stevie

I was going to check for the latest patch, and everything is gone, what happened?