Does anyone think this review is biased.


I thought games like this was judged based on it's content, story, and gameplay, but not based on how many hours it is and whether the beginning is any good, that's not what a review is all about. The only good thing this review pointed out was several things that has to be worked out in general.

Personally this isn't the only time I've seen a long game like this take the heat, it doesn't make sense to me with this crowd. Are most you all casual gamers(I'm not insulting, it's just a category).

I don't know what, but long games are hated on here.

My thoughts on Mega Man X Corrupted (some game that's on youtube)

Who here thinks Capcom is gonna send a cease and desist letter to them. Just like when Square Enix gave the rabies to the Chrono trigger fans for doing fan made games?

Think it's time for moveable battle animated monsters?

It has been on my mind for quite sometime this year, I have played RPG maker for years and I was wondering if we will ever see monsters move like the player when in battle mode.

Sure there is the floating creatures that resembles Final Fantasy 4 floaters. I feel maybe it's time for a evolution in this standard. I think RPG maker games would become more fun if the creatures finally have battle animations of their own.

One particular series I saw that has this is called Mavericks I saw on Youtube, but's not posted here in this site I'm afraid or not to my knowledge of. It's a RPG maker 2003 game for the first time, somebody actually went ahead and gave the monsters moving animations in battle.

Btw Mavericks is based on Megaman X if anyone is curious.