Final Fantasy Dreams

Is there a walkthrough for it?

Or you could just answer this... After you beat the fire titan in the continental crossways, they tell you to get something for them... where do you go?

This is the best place to ask this...

Since this forum seems to be the place where most RPGMaker players seem to discuss things.

Pick a choice to this question... I just want to know.

The Way by Lun Casari, Crestfallen.us as website

1. Heard of it
2. Played it
3. Finished it

Up to which EP did you finish?
1. EP1
2. EP2
3. EP3
4. EP4
5. EP5
6. EP6

Got to Episode 6?
1. I didn't even know there was...
2. Yes, but didn't finish
3. No, I am going to...
4. Finished

How many side quests in EP6 did you complete?
1. I don't remember, probably not all
2. about 1-5?
3. About 5-11?
4. All
5. I have no idea

(Implies if you finished EP6)
Which ending did you get?
1. Normal
2. Lexus
3. Reaches

Newbie asking for RPG Recommendation :)


Can you guys recommend me some cool RPGs that are great? I like adventure rpgs that are in the low tech past ages (Ara Fell, The Way, Three The Hard Way were all good)

I've went through all the 5 star rated in the A-Z games, but there are too many >.<

Some help would be great. Thanks
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