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Screenshot Survival 20XX

Worked a bit more on this

This looks GREAT! Is all the animation done via charset poses?

RPG Maker developers who went on to produce games professionally

Haha, I have no plans for that :D

To be honest I did spend a bit of time looking at the Legion Saga games and seeing what it would take to get them polished up a bit with non-ripped art assets and music, perhaps for a proper commercial re-release.

But I started to just see a bunch of design flaws all over the place, which is to be expected from my first games of course, but I sort of felt that I'd want to change so much that it almost wouldn't be worth it, you know? Like it probably wouldn't really be the same game any more and I might as well just make a new one?

RPG Maker developers who went on to produce games professionally

Also, holy crap, Kamau! Yo, how's beans?

Hey! :) Not too bad thanks! Pretty busy these days (hence the slow response... apologies) but being productive and doing well. You?

Wait a minute, Kamau worked on Oddworld?
Here's his tumblr.


Funnily enough, he lists Legion Saga as one of the games he's worked on. Really cool that he hasn't forgotten his roots. He's also recently started using RPG Maker again for the first time in a decade.

Also, wow. He even worked on a Harry Potter game for the 360 as a level designer!

Haha yup! After RPG Maker I did a bunch of modding for Half-Life 2, then studied game design for 3 years at university and managed to land a job working at EA. Eventually joined the Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty team working as game/level designer and then on to Soulstorm. I never stopped making games.

It's been a blast and I've learned sooo much and worked with a lot of great people, but I could never forget my RPG Maker roots!! It's where I cut my teeth!

It's really lovely to see people remembering my work. Thank you :)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

However, knowing that you're remaking Legion Saga, the second is more akin to the original map.
That's funny. I noticed that the castle's name was the same as in Legion Saga but I figured it was just a coincidence. I'm excited to see you make more progress! Have you tried contacting Kamau?
Yeah. I've talked to him about it. I have his permission.

RPG Maker developers who went on to produce games professionally

Looking Back: Legion Saga Series

Thanks for the nostalgic look at Legion Saga! It's really cool to see people reminisce about the series. It brings back a lot of memories. I sometimes amaze myself at how much I managed to make in such a short space of time, but then I think that's partly a credit to RPG Maker's ease of use.

For anyone interested: I'm still making games. I finished a Game Design degree in London a few years ago, worked as a designer in the industry for 2 years, and am now creating an indie game called Luminesca. Quite a departure from Legion Saga but of course that series was all part of the learning process.
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