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[RMVX ACE] Super simple Map-Battle?

I'm currently having trouble with this unique battle-system thing in RPG Maker VX Ace...

First, I want to use this kind of battle system in my game:


(from Faraway Story, a Japanese translated Wolf RPG Editor game...)

Or maybe something like XAS ABS. (But that's not exactly I'm looking for because I need to let the character move freely, not 'stuck' in a battle mode...)

However, what I am looking for is a SIMPLER battle system, but still similar with the previous examples: On-the-map fight. ALL I need is these commands:
1. Attack, and
2. Defend.

The planned playtime-duration of my project is only around 30-50 minutes) AND I don't want the player to have difficulty in understanding the complex (or unique) battle system for too long.

So in short, I'm looking for a battle system which is:
- Executed / happens in the map
- Let the player to move around, and actually only move left and right because my game is somewhat has a sideway view.
- Let the player swing around weapon + animation(attack)
- The same with defending
- No TP bar (if possible, only display HP)
- No extra skills / item option (I'm not using them)
- Don't require too many scripts (cause lag)
- Single character (more is OK if there is an option to disable it)

That's all, basically. Adding more s fine as long as it's not too many, maybe?
So if there is anyone who could help me... I would be grateful. It don't have to be a script. Some eventing is fine, too. I don't plan to use the scripts in the examples above because they are too big for my project and cause lag in my PC.

Thank you :)

[RMVX ACE] Game.exe stopped working & Runtime terminated in an unusual way?

Please help me. When play-testing a game from the editor, a message box showed and it said:

Runtime Error!
Program: E:\Database AJ\VXAce\My Projects\Wonder Fall\Game.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

After that, the application stopped working and this message box came out instead:

RGSS3 Player has stopped working.

Anyone understand what does this mean?

My project isn't using any complex scripts. It only has the resize window size script (640x416) and it worked the first time I playtested it. After adding parallax and title, the playtest suddenly don't work.
I already tried to delete things with the regedit, etc, but it doesn't work.

By the way, other games that isn't in the this game's folder is working fine. Only this one that isn't working. Copying it into another project also cause the same problem.

Anyone can help?

[RMVX ACE] I'll translate your English game to Indonesian!

I would like to translate someone's RPG game from English to Indonesian. And the engine must be RPGMaker VX Ace! Don't worry, I use full version, not Lite.

The size of the game matters. I only can translate a game less than 7.0 MB because of some reason. And I can't play arcade RPG, sorry. The time of game translating will take around a month. And here's the important part; It's free :D I'm having fun with translating, so, don't worry. I have translated some little game my friends make (they're classmate and teacher in my school and share their game on their own)

So that's it, Thanks :D

*EDITED and another edit ._.
Sorry! For now, the limit is raised to 30 MB!
And now I can translate games from RPG maker 2000 too.
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