I'm into fluff and BL usually with a heavy dose of sports.

Watch out for my project... mmm... I'll probably release after a decade or so...

Progress is really slooooow.



What are you thinking about right now?

Just finished watching Stranger Things, and I'm totally impressed.
I'm already impatient for news for a season 2. lol

What do you do for a living?

previously a graphic designer, now a college student.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Beautiful! I like the idea of switching and swapping character makes great for solving puzzles.

Event isn't turning. RMVX ACE

How many event pages does the event have? Could be a switch or a selfswitch is flipped on which takes precedence after the set move route.

Or if you're accessing a set move route from another event, you might be referencing the wrong event id.

Have you tried using other functions like move, change graphic, or set opacity?

Are you using a script that affects character movement?

If possible, can you post a screenshot of the event page?

Scrolling map to player [VX Ace]

Strange, I've used it on different screen resolution and it works fine for me.
Are you by chance using any script that alters maps in some ways, like a zoom script etc.?

Scrolling map to player [VX Ace]

You can use Galv's Cam Controls, it has the following options:

Besides smooth cam slide effect.
It can focus on an event, scroll to a coordinate, and also return to player.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I like the multiple, as long as you can have more than just the same words in it.

Good point, will change a few to add some variety. Thanks! :)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Thanks guys! Will use the multiple bubbles then. :)

Screenshot Survival 20XX

I really like Yami's pop up message script, however I'm torn which should I use for shout outs and am looking for feedback:
should I go with Quack's chatter addon

Perhaps a collective shoutout in one box?

[RMVX ACE] A script that was working before now doesn't work at all.

I think for the array to work, you need to have all the states applied to the enemy, not just one.
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