I'm into fluff and BL usually with a heavy dose of sports.

Watch out for my project... mmm... I'll probably release after a decade or so...

Progress is really slooooow.



Ganbatte! Homeroom-Sensei!!

Thanks KatanaHiroshi, lol school life isn't the same without procrastination, and the occassional cramming. But as they say; the best ideas pop up on the last minute. ;)

Ganbatte! Homeroom-Sensei!!

Thanks Frogge! hahaha I originally planned the name to be the japanese equivalent. Kawai-chan, Megane-kun, Ahoge-san, etc..

But decided to go with their direct english translation to keep that wacky and silly atmosphere. Glad you like it!

Double Trouble

The game page is shaking or is it just my browser? I seriously thought I was going to have a seizure. :(

Danganronpa Forge:Re

I am despaired... *cough* subbed!!

Honey Tea Time

Its an interesting concept, I like how you're going for custom artwork, I find the maps have too much space and are too plain. Also, adding some bee-themed objects/patterns/etc. could really spice things up.

I'll bee keeping an eye on this. :)

Super Coolgame! Just Kidding!

The art is cute, especially those monsters. It looks like a fun game, am interested to see where this goes.

Long Gone Days

Made an account here, just so I can keep updated on this project.
The first thing that caught my eye is the custom graphics, particularly the simplicity of the sprite design and yet how expressive it is.
The story synopsis gave me that Valkyria Chronicles vibes, and I could tell I really want to see how this goes.
So far I've played the demo and I must say its really well done! Looking forward to see it completed.
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