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Watch out for my project... mmm... I'll probably release after a decade or so...

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[RMVX ACE] How can I round up/down variables?

Script Call:


X is the variable ID
y is how many decimal places you want to show.

You could also try
Which converts a number with decimal to a whole number.

Danganronpa Forge:Re

I am despaired... *cough* subbed!!

Is there a way to make the timer invisible in vx ace?

If you want the option to show/hide the timer via switches. You could try this:
This will overwrite the update_visibility method in $Sprite_Timer.

By default the switch is false, which hides the timer.

Insert this below Materials and above Main.
Change the Switch ID number as you please.
class Sprite_Timer < Sprite

def update_visibility
self.visible = $game_switches[1]

[RMVX ACE] More detailed character sprites?

You could also try a script that zooms a character sprite as well as other functions.

I personally use this in my project:

Another method, is designing tilesets that accomodate large-sized sprites.

when you activate a switch, it stays activated even if you don't save

I just saw this while browsing Hime-sama's works, might be what you're looking for.


much better :), I like it!

To Move or not to Move? THAT is the question...

Might as well switch over to MV IF you plan on remastering or remaking your completed game.

Its too much of a hassle to transfer at this point, since you're halfway done with your game. If you have the time, dedication and the finances, go ahead but if not might as well stick to what you have now. ;)

What are you thinking about right now?

:O Welp there goes my favorite fish :(

What are you thinking about right now?

Nope they aren't, mermaids are.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm almost done fleshing out my Baseball Minigame an integral part of my BL dating sim project, then I can start testing it.

Eventing and scripting with Ruby is taking its toll on me...