I'm into fluff and BL usually with a heavy dose of sports.

Watch out for my project... mmm... I'll probably release after a decade or so...

Progress is really slooooow.




I like the simplicity as well as 3D models, but I find the texts in the picture just gets in the way of the overall design.

I'd like to point out a few things:
Copyright(etc.) and the tileset credits text look redundant when you have a Credits section in the menu. ;)

You can omit the "meaning" word, Bhavacakra is a mysterious word, I think its better to let the players find association or connection with the subtitle "The Wheel of Life".

I'm not sure what to think of the Menu placement, its okay where it is. But if you follow my suggestions, I think you'll find there will be an imbalance in the placements and would have to place the menu elsewhere.

What you can do is have an animated title screen.
So that when you cycle through options, Bhavacakra & The Wheel of Life text would be replaced with the menu selection. For an added plus, one part of the circle would be highlighted to add that extra oomph. :)

Frogge makes Pokemon Fusions!

YAAAAS!! Hahahaha I love it <3 Is it alright if I use it as an avatar? :3

Frogge makes Pokemon Fusions!

These are really cute, much better than the generator ones. :3

Are you up for a Skitty and Wailmer or Wailord? I kid you not <3

Right dimensions for a file for a character riding a horse, etc. (RMVX ACE)

It really depends on what is the sprite style you're using. (VX/XP/Mack/Custom/etc.)

I recommend drawing only one frame of the sprite, and start multiplying dimensions from there.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

SgtMettool, I love the battlers they're so cute! And great work with the battleback as well, though I noticed the side face of a floor tile is missing, the one below the pink dice.


I imagined a harrumph can get us out of this mess.


Educational games?

1.) I don't think it would, Children learn best when they're having fun. Its easy for them to retain information that way, as long as the objective of your puzzles/minigames/quizzes/etc. can be associated to the lesson.

2.) Nope it won't, but it's an advantage to have an academical background because you have a firm grasp and knowledge of the subject.

3.) I like educational games that don't force a lot of information for you to learn in an instant (mostly large blocks of text), I prefer it when something complex is broken down to simple bits and pieces of information with accompanying visuals.

You have to keep in mind the target audience, which age group/grade/year are you referring to?

Honey Tea Time

Its an interesting concept, I like how you're going for custom artwork, I find the maps have too much space and are too plain. Also, adding some bee-themed objects/patterns/etc. could really spice things up.

I'll bee keeping an eye on this. :)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Finally done working with behavior sprite pose templates and tweaking them with Move Route Commands in the editor.

Now I'm stumped on how to move an event to a coordinate in a specific angle instead of the standard 8 direction. I'm thinking of using Jump instead, but I can't figure out how to modify the jumping speed to slow motion