So the legend responds, it seems the great Lysander lives after all.

Master of the Wind

Whoever nerfed this games' score down to a 2 should be shot. Repeatedly.

Dragon Hunter

I don't think Quiversee meant that games should NOT have plot twists, just that they should not be given away in the description as the author did with this.

Dragoon Legends, Part 1

It keeps freezing after the cutscene following the Mandragan boss battle. Any suggestions?

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Sorry for the delay in my commentary, but school and the like has been hectic.
To begin, I recall you mentioning in your posts on Fig Hunter Forums that in your original concept design, Green's place as mentor was supposed to be done by Yellow. I can see that this is following up on said original design. Second, I was highly amused by the interactions between Scott and Violet, the tone seeming slightly reminiscent of the conversations between Blue, Green and Gray in the original. As for the game itself, it is, in a word, epic. After playing the first five minutes, I could tell you put A LOT more effort into the writing of this one than the original game, with the interactions between characters seeming to flow much better, with the dialogue more fleshed out than the clipped responses they gave in the original. The cut scenes are also very well designed, fitting the mood you've set for the game. The gameplay, though similar to that of your cancelled sequel to the original, works quite effectively, the multiples techniques for each character adding more to the game than choosing between two attack commands. Overall, this is good stuff, I'm looking forward to the next update.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis

Huzzah! Neok has returned with epic gifts! I haven't checked out the updated demo yet, and since I'm going to Mexico in about...an hour, I doubt I'll get a chance for at least a week or so. However, I'm very happy that you've returned from AWOL, me and the rest of the crew from the FH forums were about to send out a search party for you. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

That Fine Line

In the first part, right after the opening cutscene, I gained control of a character called "FAKER!", who has no sprite, making it pretty much impossible for me to advance.

Outlaw City

None of the tile, sprite, character (etc) sets are installed in the download, only thing there is audio so... :/

Alter A.I.L.A.

Why did you delete it?

Phantom Legacy (Part 1)

Well, Shadar is looking just as enigmatic and conniving as ever. However, a quick note you might want to look into, though it's not really a problem so much as an inconsistency on Shadar's part. Shadar told Slade that none of his attacks were effective, yet all of Slade's "Gyver" attacks did do damage. Whether Shadar merely discounted this due to it being negligible, or it didn't really matter, I'm not sure. Just wanted to point it out to you. All in all, this is looking pretty damn sweet, hope to see the "Traditional RPG Completed" sign of happiness sometime in the near future.
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