Demon Legacy

Nah, it figures that 30 seconds later, I figured out that the problem was with my pc. Thanks for the offer though. However, if the party is already at ~ level 30... (Proteus is nearing the aggravation level of Ishutal from legacies of Dondoran in my eyes).

Demon Legacy

First of all, this game is absolutely excellent. However, I encountered one strange error. When I was in Deimos' lair, after finishing the rock throwing puzzle, my keyboard got 'jammed' causing the directional pad to freak out. While normally after a while it goes back to normal, I can now not move shade to the right whatsoever, however, in the menu screen, it is the left directional command which isn't working. Any idea of how I can fix this without restarting?

Jays Journey

No system in the "system" folder, fix it.
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