Leader of TIMAWA, a dedicated development team for the partial fulfillment of the SCALE Program 2019-2020.

There's a difference between knowledge and experience. If you've seen a big chasm before, then you know how large that gap is.

Ongoing Projects:
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi
School Haunt

If you have any questions, contact the following e-mail:
Sa Ilalim ng Gabi (Under...
A short horror game created during Theme Roulette 2, taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.

Recent Achievements

Move over, high rollers! You made a finished game that qualified for the Theme Roulette event of 2019!
Acquired 06/11/2019 12:51 AM
You tried to make a terrible, dumb game for rpgmaker.net's eleventh birthday, but you couldn't even do that right. You should feel bad.
Acquired 06/14/2018 01:06 AM
Made a dumb game in eleven hours for rpgmaker.net's eleventh birthday.
Acquired 06/14/2018 12:05 AM
You made a complete game for the third McBacon Game Jam. Great Job!
Acquired 10/07/2016 02:12 AM
Checked in. Checked out. Checkered.
Acquired 10/07/2016 02:09 AM
Had a game spotlighted on the front page.
Acquired 09/13/2016 01:52 PM
You were faster than fast and feedbackier than feedbacky! +20 Coins!
Acquired 03/05/2016 10:34 AM
You released faster than any releaser ever released! +10 Coins!
Acquired 01/22/2016 12:40 AM