School is actually easy. I'm just overestimating it.

School Haunt is my main priority now. Along with a writing project that I'm not going to disclose. And yes, I'm not the only person doing School Haunt now.

For more questions, please ask through PM'ing me. Thank you.
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H.A.C.T. (Horror Antagonist Creation Tips)
It's HACK but with a T on it. Plus, it's been published days before Christmas arrived!
12/23/2015 06:35 AM
If Magic Is A Branch Of Science
A Random Thought For All of Us Gamers
02/01/2016 04:07 AM
What is Horror, a genre to RPG Maker Gams?
A standard approach to understand a modern genre known as horror.
02/06/2016 02:12 AM
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