I am definitely not in VTuber hell.
Leader of TIMAWA, a dedicated development team for the partial fulfillment of the SCALE Program 2019-2020.

There's a difference between knowledge and experience. If you've seen a big chasm before, then you know how large that gap is.

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Under the Night (Sa Ilal...
A horror game taking the role of a priestess doing her best to avoid the chaos.
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H.A.C.T. (Horror Antagonist Creation Tips)
It's HACK but with a T on it. Plus, it's been published days before Christmas arrived!
12/23/2015 06:35 AM
If Magic Is A Branch Of Science
A Random Thought For All of Us Gamers
02/01/2016 04:07 AM
What is Horror, a genre to RPG Maker Gams?
A standard approach to understand a modern genre known as horror.
02/06/2016 02:12 AM
A Rundown on How Versioning Works on RPG Maker
An article about how one should do versioning for their games, especially in RPG Maker.
04/17/2020 12:14 AM
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