Eternal Twilight

Thanks a lot :) that helps! Your game is truly a masterpiece !! <3 totally lovin it !

I hope your working on a part 2 or at a new game amazing

Eternal Twilight


got some problem with the quest, where I got to find 12 orbs with the magic pickaxe in the Oasis..dont find the last 3..can sbd help me..want to go on.

Up to this point I played the game in Hard Mode and it it amazing how the story goes.. !! Maybe I leveled to much or crafted to good eg. I feel kind of to strong for a lot of the bosses I run into :D:D

I got also some Performance issues started at the point when Minerva came to group ;/ but its possible playing with it, Only that dashing feels like walking now.

Harvest and Hunt 14

I found a quite weird bug.. I am stuck in a battel!

In the 3. Round the second Battle together with the time guy Tal

Enemys are defeated, maybe becouse the Spirits are dead?

How to solve this now?

Eternal Twilight

I got stuck in the Volatile Caverns in the first room - I dont get how the mechanics with the flames should work.

There are 3 flames: blue, red and yellow do I have to change the colours somehow to get the right colour for the first door, which has a green and purple button.

But how to do so? when I interact with the flames it only shows the colour but no option to change it.. //

AAAh sorry ! Problem solved I found the torches next to the door :) Cool mechanic!!

Can u help?^^ Or ist the cavern not finishes yet?

to the new battel system changes:
Very nice ! But now it is much easier in Hard Mode to fight Minerva or I just leveld up some more

Eternal Twilight

I like this game a lot, especially the battel system and the characters :) The storyline is also enjoyable.

I was playing in hard mode, and its really hard - not finished now...but will soon! Go on with some nice stuff.
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