Name's Kaya! I'm just a fun-loving girl with an interest in music, videogames, and art! For a while now I have been making them myself too!

My 'talents' if one can refer to them as such are Storytelling, Map design, and sprite art. Though I am experimenting with digital art and animation!

For me, making games is mostly a hobby, and everything I make...
While perhaps nothing noteworthy is made from the heart.

If the games and such I make end up giving someone, somewhere some enjoyment then I consider my work worth it~!



Corruption of Laetitia

Hello, i got stuck in cult cave where a door said that the door can but opened___?

Ah, that puzzle, You have to find both levers, one of which has to be loosened with oil. (Preferably lamp oil) Maybe I will have to find a way to add a few more hints without directly giving the answer away.

Corruption of Laetitia

For getting to low
corruption you get access to higher levels of the tower, Buffs, and more~ As for the embodiment of harmony, Just don't hurt her and she'll eventually let you pass~ I am making that more obvious in the next updates for the game since a lot of people are confused by her~

Edit: Somehow the site showed me a different post when I replied! I will fix the bugs you mentioned so far! The evil route hasn't been tested as much since neither myself nor my testers really enjoyed being evil, so I'm sorry that it's the less balanced, stable one~!

As for Mala, She's just jealous, Can't blame her (Aside from her other actions at the point~) I'd say 'fuck that' to being part of a harem myself X3

Corruption of Laetitia

Ehehe, VX ace definitely has a few limitations I fear yes. One of them being the resolution. Something that apparently is possible to change with scripts but I only found that out after designing the entirety of the game on the default resolution.

VX ace has gamepad functionality on default, it isn't great to the point that apparently the input can vary per machine but it's there. For some people the D-pad works, for others it doesn't. Sadly being a solo dev without access to to either of the controllers myself I had to rely on word of mouth from other players and with them giving mixed information to which button was doing what.

As for a portable release... On default VX ace only seems to be able to export in a way that Windows users can run it. I'm afraid to release it on other platforms I would have to remake it in its entirety on MV. Something which considering the project took roughly 4 years to finish I'm not sure I can manage at this point~

Still I'm glad you enjoy the game so far~ And it may be something for me to think about doing in the future~

Date Knights

I saw you on the front page \o/ I hope your game turns out well~! Eagerly awaiting the download even if it's the last thing my broken hands can play~

Corruption of Laetitia

Ehehe, that sounds like the RPG maker butterfly effect struck again. I noticed that one frame of lag in a bad place can sometimes cause events to get a bit wonky. I'm glad it fixed itself~ It's part of the reason I made the save/load system as it is~

Corruption of Laetitia

I'm glad you enjoyed what you played so far~ It makes me happy that people are having fun with the thing I made~

I also hope you will be feeling more energetic soon! Being in a slump for too long can be a little depressing after a while!

And Ah, the Archimedes glitch is probably the most reported bug ever by now! I really didn't expect many people to start the marsh quest and do the tower quests at that very time. Luckily it shouldn't cause any real issues, as he will leave after the marsh section anyway. I have fixed it for the next build though, But that build is not currently playable so I have to fix and thoroughly test it again~ Until then you can proceed as usual and nothing bad should happen!

Corruption of Laetitia

Ah, This should have been fixed in one of the latest versions. Maybe I missed a point somewhere.

Archimedes is an extremely temporary party member who would have left your party after the marsh so I kind of forgot to add enough checks for him. Not anticipating people to have him in their party at that point. Seems there's still loose ends in that regard.

I'll go through it and fix it, but it will likely be a while before the next big patch since I already feel guilty for wasting as much bandwidth uploading my game as it is~

Just know that he'd leave your party soon anyway~

Corruption of Laetitia

There's a few things you can get for going either way, Good choices bring you closer to regaining your old abilities (and new ones in the same, angelic theme). Evil ones tend to give you souls and such to unlock demon/darkness themed abilities. As for the "embodiment of harmony" She drops hints to what you need to do.
The fight against her isn't a 'fight' per say~

Corruption of Laetitia

Ehehe~ Thank you! I hope you will enjoy the game! \o/

Corruption of Laetitia Review

Thank you for the review~! I was indeed going for something a little darker with some lighthearted scenes scattered throughout. So it would never become too much. I am glad I was able to provide something like that which I felt was a little... rare.

For the combat, I'm glad that it was at least adequate~ I can't say I'm a very skilled developer so hearing it was acceptable is praise of itself~

The exploration part, Yeah, I kind of struggled with the lighting to be honest. It's hard for me to think what is "atmospheric" and what is "uncomfortable" considering I know the maps inside out myself, and something is likely off with either my screen or my eyes~ I attempted changing this a few times but... Never to an acceptable level.

As for more art. I actually commissioned an artist after I released the game but they are extremely busy. So it will likely take a while before I can feature it in my game. After taking over three years of work I didn't want to take it down again for another 2~years.

I'm glad the story was to your liking at least! I kind of hoped I could make the several routes stand out more than they did, but in the end I am somewhat satisfied with it and don't know how I could have improved it much.

As for the kissing and groping, I tried to make it come across as just friendly 'over-eager lovers' but, that is hard to nail down without becoming creepy to some people. While I can tell they do it from a place of adoration. That in it's own is obviously no excuse. Still I wanted it in to contrast the main character's 'inexperience' in the area of love. Something which for some reason people don't seem to mind if the MC is male.

I'm glad your experience was a positive one, And I will try to use the feedback where possible. So I won't make the same mistakes (such as the darkness) in future projects!
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