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What makes a good puzzle?

A good puzzle is the kind where the player feels clever for having solved it (irrespective of whether the puzzle was actually difficult or not).

To have this hit home with as many as possible, you'd do well to have the puzzle rely on something which doesn't seem obvious at first, but which the player is very likely to "accidentally" discover whilst playing, and this discovery making the puzzle relatively easy to solve.

Re Quest Review

Oh wow, this is rather unexpected.
I'll have to start off by saying thank you for even taking the time to play this. You seem to have found a number of bugs I (probably) wasn't aware of.

This was actually a project I started as I generally had more fun doing stuff other than narrative, and this format would in theory have given me a good excuse to try a bunch of stuff while still building upon a game of sorts. Unfortunately, the very core is rather rocky. The primary combat system just is not fun. It somewhat stems from how I ended up punishing people for having low stats (really long time between sword slashes, super long charge time for the charge attack) to make the higher stats appealing, rather than making sure the start of the game is already appealing, and having increases in stats build on that.

The event coding under the hood is also pretty terrible. One of the primary events for the menu had so many commands in it, that my computer at the time took several minutes to load it when trying to open the event in the editor. The rest is not particularly solid either.

So, why is it even here? Pretty good question. I think it was due to it being a convenient way to share it with some people I knew who wanted to give it a go.
This is a good reminder that I should update the game description to warn people a bit better.

Again, thank you for the time you spent, even if it likely wasn't all that enjoyable.

[RM2K3] (DynRPG) A way to display an item name using a variable?

You should be able to do this using the DynText plugin, but keep in mind that this does not work with the typical text box command. Pretty sure this can be done with the textbox as well, but I don't know of a plugin which does that, meaning you'd likely have to code the plugin yourself (involves programming in C++).
Keep in mind that DynRPG itself doesn't come with any such functionality, you need to download plugins separately after patching the maker with DynRPG (and the official version is incompatible with DynRPG)

That said
would logically give you the 100th item in the database, not the item with value stored in variable of id 100. To do that you'd likely want to do something more along the lines of

Minimap Plugin

is it compatible with easy rpg on consoles?

Easy RPG has some of my plugins coded in from what I know, but not all of them.
The plugins which have already been coded in, might work without extra effort, but the ones which have not are not going to be compatible with it.
Do note that the plugins you find on this site are _only_ compatible with the old pirated version of rpg maker 2003. They are not compatible with the legal version of rpg maker 2003 (i.e. the one you can buy on Steam).

I do NOT understand what I should do once I install dynrpg_patcher.exe and where should I put the readme code below

Assuming you have the correct version of rpg maker 2003, you will want to create a project with it, then run the dynrpg_patcher.exe (this executable can be stored anywhere), find the path to the project folder you made in rpg maker 2003 and select the RPG_rt.exe.
This will install DynRPG functionality to the game you're making.
Once this is done, you'll want to take the plugin which you can download here, and move it the DynPlugin folder (insider the project folder).

The readme.txt is not something you need to include, it's just instructions for how to use it, which involves using the "comment" command in the event script, and using the defined commands given in the readme

Tactical Battle System Movement

Happy to hear that this tutorial is still of use, even outside of the rpg-maker context.


The last version you sent me worked. I was able to do the first person view part, although it brought me back to 2D and I didn't see anywhere else to go.

I saw a few paths blocked by doors but after exploring what I had available and coming up empty, I decided to quit. Did I miss the grande finale?

You did miss the finale, though it's not overly grande. You might have missed it as it's rather unintuitive. If you head up after the returning to 2D, you might notice that two binary streams which were zero before have swapped to ones, allowing you to open the doors by toggling the accessible buffers in that room.
This is not how I had planned it, and there's no good indication for this, but I ran a bit short on time for the event.

It's interesting. I didn't catch on to the binary puzzles until towards the end. So I simply kept switching things until I could move forward. The simon says thing seemed weird at times. Like it was asking me to hit 2 different squares, but when I hit the first one I get stuck and new ones spin. First person turning speed is a little slow, oh and that effect on your name at the start was a little slow as well. At first it was pretty cool but it dragged on a little too long heh

Yeah, I imagine the average player will not be familiar with logic gates, so I tried to keep it relatively simple, to the point that just toggling the buffers randomly will work relatively fine.

As for the Simon says puzzle, when you hit the first one and it interrupts you, it usually means that you hit the wrong square. That said, there could be some bugs still in it which I didn't capture.

And yes, the rotation is a tad slow by design, but I should probably fix that. The corridors are a bit narrow relative to the hit box, something I didn't realize until I started making the hit collision for the 3D environments, meaning fine tuning the turning was a bit more important than usual rotation speed. There probably is some leeway in there which I should still fix for though.
And yes, the intro is far too long, especially for how short the game is. It is definitely something I want to shorten, although it also has a lower priority than other things I need to take care of.

That music sounded familiar in tone and composition, did you use one of those tools where AI makes up a song based on instruments and variables you choose?

Nope, the music is primarily sourced from good old vgmusic. I don't know of too many services which generate good midi music with AI, as most of the sources I know tend to generate soundwaves themselves which are not particularly storage efficient. Implementing an AI model to do this in the actual plugin would likely also not work that well, since the AI models tend to be a bit too big, and not easy to compress down to a size suitable for a 1.44MB challenge.

Thanks for the feedback, and for playing the game


On that note, I've updated the download with a version which should work even if parts of the code should be unhappy with the computer. Not entirely sure if it ignores dll errors though, even if in theory it should.


I was curious about the game because you usually make these technically incredible projects with RPG Maker (...even if sometimes they are quite hard to beat!).

The issue is probably that I'm using an old computer and missing some files that are common for the latest Operative Systems.

I'm not too knowledgeable about hardware, so I hope I'm sending the right information.


That is the correct information indeed. The good news is that it seems that your hardware, or at least your GPU, should theoretically be able to run it. The bad news is that it if it doesn't, it likely means the driver with the correct dll in question was not pre-installed, and chasing down that driver could prove tricky and I'm not entirely sure I would recommend going through the hassle for a 10 minute game unfortunately.

I'm working on a workaround, but I'm not too sure how well it will work in terms of performance, just that it should work.


Doesn't run
<helpful image>

Thanks, that's good help, albeit also a bit curious.
Could you do me a favour and try to run this variant of the game as well?
This is not a fixed version of the game or anything, but rather a debug version which opens a console window and prints a bunch of logs as to what is happening in the background. I would love to know what the console window says as it will probably give a good clue as to what the real error is

UnBit Review

Thanks for the review, happy you enjoyed it.
I don't know about others, but I do understand