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Trigonometry script for rpg maker 2003

The point of this tutorial (and/or tool in form of some pre-built event scripts), was to make it possible to use trigonometric functionality to an engine which does not normally have this. I took some time to create a way to get this with the limitations imposed by the engine, so that people didn't have to spend the setup time themselves and can just straight use it.

The second part was to show a couple of examples of what you can do with trigonometric functions in games, not that these are the only solutions or even the preferred solutions.

Using trigonometry to create a ring menu is a good way to go about it, as it is quick to do (which is a reason I chose it to use it as an example), and it allows for changes easily (ring radius by changing one variable, simulation of depth by making the ring oval instead of circular. Again, that's not to say that this is the only way to do it (certainly not), and if the math is a barrier then other solutions might be better for you and others with similar problems.

In the end, trigonometry is a tool which widens the amount of ways you can tackle a challenge you want to overcome. This exact script was used in Zero Base (the Gradius like shooter I made in this engine) to send enemy bullets in the direction of the hero with a granularity of 1 degree. Being able to use arctan to figure out the angle between the player and the enemy and then figure out how to update the direction of the bullets make this a very convenient way of solving it. And this is just one of many examples where trig is a very useful tool. Maybe a bit complicated for some (in particular within the rm2k3 community), but helpful to others and hopefully even motivational to some, giving them reason to study these things harder as they see actual application of what they get taught in school

Ever try coding a program to read human handwriting? Fun stuff.

The US postal service spent like a hundred million dollars to develop this. You're not gonna do it by yourself in a week.

You might be surprised how accessible the means to do this for just about anyone (with a reasonable understanding of coding) has become these days.

Go find some online dataset (there are a lot of them),
Feed said data and their labels to a Convolutional Neural Network (can be setup in few lines of python)
Tweak Network to generalize as best as possible, and voila, you have a program interpreting human writing to some decent level of accuracy.

Going by prices, Switzerland seems to be the final level

At least one person got what I meant.
That makes me happy

Real Tactic Package Review

Cool, thanks for your time to review this game.

You're pretty much spot on for most of the stuff, though I would like to point out that while not passing through your own units is pretty archaic today, the Advance Wars series (as far as I've played in it anyway) at it's core doesn't have bonus damage for relative well positioning (relative to units, not terrain) and also don't give too many abilities to work with in terms of the units themselves (Of course, it's still a more complex game by far, certainly).
I wouldn't necessarily refer to this series as archaic in not following the style of FFT and the likes.

But, this game is what it is, something quickly patched together based on an old proof of concept system used for tutorials which was dusting down in a folder. If anything, you could almost say that this game is of greater interest to people who want to look into what kind of event scripting is required to do something like this in rm2k3, rather than being a great game on it's own.
Your review is a pretty accurate description of what to expect from playing the game.


Good job, and love how well your username fits (this game anyway)

Lots of tiny spheres pretending to be water

Trick or Treat Review

Wow, there's something I never expected to see reviewed. Initial thought upon seeing this review was that it looked longer than the game itself. You're of course right in terms of balancing. For someone who didn't spend quite a bit of time constantly play testing it, it's probably rather hard, and sometimes a bit unfair. I'd almost argue that the winning tactic during the downpour of "treats" would be to avoid them rather than collect them to avoid collecting the healthy food. That, and I believe my multiplier logic didn't do too well in terms of balancing either.

Made this for an old halloween event with some restriction in terms of making time, which is probably why I went with a fairly randomized scheme (lot less pain to implement), but that doesn't make the end product anything better than it is.

Thank for your time (and frustration) for playing this old game of mine.

Action Battle System in rpg maker 2003

I take it you have the official version of rm2k3.
This could cause some RTP file name mismatch which is most likely why you're getting this error.

The easiest way to deal with this, would probably be to make copies of the files in question and just give them the names of whatever file name pops up.
Unfortunately I don't yet know which files has gotten which new names yet, so I can't tell you specifically which files you need to change.

Alternatively you can try to open the project and try to set the graphics to the official rtp manually.

HoloLens Games

Too bad the HoloLens probably won't be quite portable though.

Why do you say that? They said that it's fully self-contained and doesn't need to be tethered to any other device. It has its own onboard CPU and GPU, unlike the Oculus Rift.

I think he was referring to, like, wearing the HoloLens down the street. It doesn't really look like it's suitable for that yet - it's big and clunky, and I'm not sure what the battery life is like - but I'm sure that'll be one of the first things they start working on after the initial release.

Sorry, should have been more explicit there. I meant exactly this.

HoloLens Games

I find the HoloLens to be rather intriguing myself, and wanted to take a look into an SDK involving it when they first presented (which didn't seem possible back then as it was limited to people from the U.S.).

I'm wondering how much knowledge you need to bring along in terms of computer vision to be able to make anything reasonable. Personally, I'm more excited about non game stuff you can make with this though, like scientific data visualization, but I'm also fascinated by what this can do for games.

Too bad the HoloLens probably won't be quite portable though. Still waiting for the day where Augmented Reality glasses will provide a reasonable opportunity to make real life into an mmorpg, where your gear is drawn on top of your actual clothes, and where you can somewhat duel each other in the real world.