Playing around with the heat equation


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Have long wanted to do some nifty stuff involving dynamically changing heat in a game, and needed to run some tests with the physics behind it to see if I can get the wanted behaviour out of it. Not looking too bad
rm2k3 Predator fangame? >_>
Not really :x
Youtube pretty much raped the video quality, but the interesting thing here is not to be able to spot the heat source and sinks themselves, but rather how they emit and absorb heat around themselves. You can see a kind of black surrounding the black blocks, which gets bigger when both black blocks are close, making the area surrounding them colder, especially when the red heat source is further away :x

One scenario where this could be applicable could of course be some hero emitting heat, and being able to use this to melt ice and whatever, but also needing to seek warmth to not freeze to death. I'm also thinking about a 2 player board game where you'd try to make the board as cold or warm as possible by placing sinks and sources on the board (one player would be for warm, the other for cold). No idea how well this will work in practice though yet.
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