At the start of 2019, I started my game development journey and tried to start making games. Game development combines two of my favorite things which are creating worlds and interacting with games.
Path of the Martyrs
What will you sacrifice for your ambitions?



A Dream Home

This game has a few technical issue that need to fixed like the right corner of the bed needs to have the "X" setting turned on phase into the bed. Also the tree is set to the ladder setting, you could easily turn that off. Also, the maps seem tot big with not enough stuff to fill it up with. After the renovation option their is nothing left to do. As for earning money, you could make that part a little more engaging, you could make your character go to work and perform tasks so it could so you have some form of gameplay because their isn't much gameplay here. Also for the grass you could just have areas of uncut grass so that way cutting the grass isn't as tedious. As for the renovation option, you should do it by room so could gradually pretty up the house. This game has a promising premise, but the execution could use a little more refinement.
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