Next up is mapping...this might take a while. Why does mapping bore me so, random profile viewer?
To Look Through Her Eyes
Unable to leave the cliffside, Lanessa waits for her beloved to return.



Accelerated World

I'm always a fan of simplified hub maps where the player can get what they need, but I'm also a huge fan of Wizardry so it kind of comes with the package.

Good luck with this; I hope the time will allow you to continue with the "everything custom" route.

To Look Through Her Eyes

This game is all about oddities of reality, although strangely enough I wasn't thinking about what she'll eat or drink, but based on the story itself (something I'm obviously not going to give away while it's still in dev stage) I can easily fit that in since there are huge gaps in Lanessa's days.

That doesn't answer the "how" of course, but your questions will make sense the further the story unfolds. I'll give the least damning one away for free though:
Lanessa sleeps on the hard ground, yet wakes up each time with perfect hair.

I'm not sure whether or not I'll release a demo, but by the halfway point the questions you have are easier to answer, so by then I might showcase a demo even though the entire game is probably only going to be a little over an hour long.

Either way the completed game should be finished by the 15th-16th; I'm glad you're asking these questions nhubi, because it brings up something I hadn't thought about, while bringing a few more questions I'll want to address in-game.

To Look Through Her Eyes

Of course, your stuff was the best of the bunch environmentally; really got the creative juices flowing.

M.O.G. Creation

Definitely; ended up building my game around yuna and Joseph's stuff (at least graphically) since they resonated so well with me.

M.O.G. Creation

I've got my game started, but out of the 8 scenes in the game, I'm only at the end of scene 1. (The battle with Doubt)

If you're interested in looking at it, (assuming you haven't seen it already) here's a link

Band Art Game: Remastered Collection

Chmeľovec is a psychedelic death metal band from the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia. Known for combining driving guitars distorted in drop D with the trippy sounds of the Theremin and Electric Sitar.

The third album since their start in 2002 has just been released, contained within is their explosive hit single Rollo Weeks, which had been released to underground success two months ago. The song's origins can be traced back to about a year's time when young british actor, Rollo Weeks, ate too many Kush Cupcakes, said to be the cause of Mr. Weeks devouring the face of a rabid fangirl.
"That shit was metal as fuck, maaaaaan." - Janov Demjata, lead vocals of Chmeľovec

Note: Mister Weeks was never formally charged.

Kel reviews games.

Work has kicked into overdrive for me, but I can definitely make time tomorrow to play/review your game, TheFuzziestMushroom.

Cave Adventure R Review

The bugs are since fixed I assume, so you can check it out if you want, but I'd wait until it's finished. I usually leave a review for the consumer when there's enough to really go on. The demo takes a little less than an hour, but is about 1/3 done from what I could tell.

You'd at least get a feel for what the game will be offering.

Chapsets - The Chapsettening

For the regular smaller size you'd need characters around the same size as VX RTP except much more thing IE not chibi.

I do agree with you about the RTP, but it does look much better not blown up.
Too bad I've never heard of anything that would make the conversion process any easier, but it's not hard, just time consuming.

Chapsets - The Chapsettening

Do you want to keep the sizes in the tiles? Or blow them up like RM2K3 does automatically?

If you want them to look the same way they do when actually in the editor, then here's what someone named JoRu did back in 2009 for VX:

But, that's just the RTP. If you're looking to use other tiles, you'll have to ask someone to help you out if you're not willing to do them yourself.

Oh, and that also includes the RTP character sets.