Next up is mapping...this might take a while. Why does mapping bore me so, random profile viewer?
To Look Through Her Eyes
Unable to leave the cliffside, Lanessa waits for her beloved to return.


Kel reviews games.

Hey everyone! When asking myself how I can be a part of the community, the obvious answer of playing other RMer's games sprang to mind. I've decided to put what I know about RPG Maker and gaming in general to write reviews from both a developer and gamer's point of view to help both parties when looking for feedback/picking a game that suits others to play.

Choosing to go with this topic instead of randomly reviewing games is so I can get to people who actually want feedback on their games, whether unnoticed or to have another opinion on what's been reviewed before. With that mouthful out of the way:

Other awesome game testers:
♦ I won't be doing let's plays for a while, so if you want to see your games played by another human, I suggest Link_2112: (Gameplay only, no review)

♦ If you want another reviewer for your game, or I'm Queued out the wazoo, here's another helpful reviewer who has made a topic by the name of Gourd_Clae:

Honestly I don't have much of any; I love games of all types, but I mainly put this here to say that a game's difficulty won't deter me, nor will non-rpgs. Longer games are fine too, so long as the requester understands that keeping notes on much longer games takes a good amount of time.
Note: I won't be making Let's Plays at this point. Maybe sometime in the future, but for now it's just to give feedback.

♦ Make sure the game you request is your own, whether as Lead or a supporting Developer.
♦ Let me know if the game is going to take more than a few hours to complete.
♦ Feel free to make your request on this forum thread, or by PM.

Reviewed Games:
Saratorus by EzekielRage
Bunraku by Wabewalker
Touhou Fantasy by Xenomic
Okiku, Star Apprentice by Marrend
It Moves by SnowOwl
We the People by Oh_Carnby
Farmyard Chronicle, Director's Cut! by flapbat
Zoids | Whisper by Sviel
Infection by InfectionFiles
Lionheart by Max McGee
Seraphic Blue translated by eplipswich
No Gold for Brigands by kory_toombs
Infection: Kessler's Run by InfectionFiles
Carpan by Pizza
Cave Adventure by El_WaKa
Ace by TheFuzziestMushroom

Game List:
Secret of Stormlot by soniX - (Review Available)

Hoping to meet all kinds of cool people.

Hello good RMNians.

I'm not new to RPG Maker in general, but I am new to joining a community of others who use the program. Been using 2k3 and XP for the longest time to make games for friends, now that my circle has drifted apart thanks to real life, I decided to scratch the itch of showcasing (hopefully) fun games with RMN instead of hanging up the RPG Making hat.

Now that I've bought Ace, I'm racking my brain together to come up with a fun idea, preferably something small to get my foot in the door and try out the new bells and whistles such as notetags and customizable skill formulas.

Hoping to become an active community member as the time flies by! I may be new to the forums, but if someone wants help with any of the makers or someone to test out your game, don't hesitate to hit me up.
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