I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari




RMN Christmas Pixel Quilt 2012


It would be cool to see this awesome quilt finished before Christmas! : )

RMN Christmas Pixel Quilt 2012

Well, I will let the person that picks B3 to do whatever he has on mind. I have to say that I would like to see a Santa taking a dump on a WC on B1 but I am also curious to see what others creativity leads to, sometimes unexpected things are better :)

LOL nice...
I would like to see this as well...

RMN Christmas Pixel Quilt 2012


Used the colors already in the picture. It might be a more cohesive piece if you make a palette of colors for the Quilt Mr Chearlie. : ) But I guess it is not necessary.

To the person who might choose B3. I think using the lava as a power source for the gift Factory would be a interesting way to make it "work". Just my opinion though... : )

RMN Christmas Pixel Quilt 2012

I'll move white pawn to E4...Checkmate if your beginner~ LOL
Would be cool to have this posted up on the front page somewhere.
I remember I was bummed out I didn't get in on it last time. O__o

Ketsumio's Krafts and Krap O__o

It is for sale if you really want it...
I could PM you the details. : D

Ketsumio's Krafts and Krap O__o

Hit a bit of a snag with my gam mak. So I have to take a break. But I have been keeping the creative juices flowing. Here is a step by step process of me making a wire giraffe nightlight.
For some reason the first image is big...IDK why. LOL The rest are manageable.
Any positive feedback would be appreciated. TY!












Random Art Topic

I'll just drop this here...I drew it up last night.
Just a fun little cartoony based on adventure time and P<32c.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I am playing KS... <.< >.>
Don't judge me!!!
That is all~~

The Featured Game Thread

It is getting to be that time again... :D

Rubi >.>

It was a fun game, and I believe it deserves a feature this month.
I was thinking about playing PP(princess princess) but I want to wait for the full version. So I cant vote for it because I haven't played it yet. BUT I throw that idea out there for anyone who has and believes it is a good game to feature.