I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari


Filter 4th birthday contest

Sweet contest!...3 hours? Damn! I'm not a total noob at RpgmakerVX, BUT I do not know if I could throw together one in three hours. XD

Would be fun to try at least though. :)

Forever's End: Episode One Released!

It's going to be about 50% of the full game. However, after reading SorceressKrysty's article, I'm hesitating calling this a "demo" because it isn't exactly a short "demonstration." In fact, it's longer than many finished RPG Maker games out there (the average gameplay time is clocked in around 15-18 hours). But I can't say this is "Chapters 1-7" or something because I'm not really dividing the game into chapters either.

So I guess you could think of this as just another stage or a big chunk of the full game; saves from this release will be compatible with all future releases. Also, I think people will be more likely to play it if they don't get the impression that this is a quick technical demonstration.

Here ya go Maxximum! :D

How to make imported chars transparent from photoshop?

That works!

LOL Thanks for the help! :)

How to make imported chars transparent from photoshop?

Thank you for your suggestion. :)

All my charsets are in the character folder. They work in RPGVX, after I select white to be the transparent color. BUT I do not have a white background behind them....LOL
I can not seem to get the sprite to POP up without loading the "select a transparency". This is a problem because white is used in some of my charasets...

How to make imported chars transparent from photoshop?

I remember there is a topic in the help section that addresses the problem I am having...but I can't find it. I have been looking for about 3 hours. >__<

I make my characters in Photoshop...set them as a .PNG format so that the transparent background stays in-place.
Sometimes this works....sometimes it does not.
I remember there is something you have to do in Photoshop to make sure when it is loaded into RPGVX the Character sprites do not pop up on a white background.
Even though you have it setup for a transparent background. *sigh*

I will continue looking for the topic if no one can help.
I should have bookmarked it. @__@ Blargh...

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

I will have her up ASAP! (which is sadly, Monday. D:)

But, I guess one more day is not going to hurt anything....LOL

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

I finished.....

Now all that's left to do, is post the whole comic in the topic! :)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

That is a sweet looking screen shot!
I like the composition, feels very balanced. The angle in the cave really gives it a dynamic feel.

Are you able to climb up that vine? That would be sweeeeeeet!!! Climb up to a floating magic tree or something?? would be hot sauce! O__O

My only gripe is the treasure chest, not a fan of how it looks. I would make it more round on the top and boxy on the bottom. But that is an opinion, others could fine it visually pleasing. :)

Let's Draw! A comicbook!

If Chaos wants to forfeit I wouldn't mind picking up his page.
I don't want to see him forfeit though, but the offer is there if it comes down to it. :/

"Sir"...? Anyway, I hope it could be soon.

I wanna see this masterpiece.


Release in One Week


*marks the calender*