I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari



Badass Mapping Contest

Awesome contest! Thank you Calunio for hosting it. It was fun!!
My favorite was arcans map for cleverness as well.
Congrats to Diaeitsch! and Great Job everyone!

In the future, I hope someone can host a contest where we see videos of judges exploring maps made. Because that would also be Badass! O3O

Let's Draw! A comicbook!



The Screenshot Topic Returns

NICE!!!! I really like the far view screen shot. I do not see any issues with that one at all. Looks Awesome!

The Faux Mode 7 Screen shot....erks me a little. I think might be that the White line in the middle of the road is to big. And it should be dotted like the top screen shot.

Great work! :) I hope to see more from ya Rowan. :D

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Just bought Noitu Love Two....
It is
AMAZING!!! SOOO gud! :3


@SorcercessKyrsty: Thanks for all the feed BACK!!! :D It is hard to get thoughtful feedback these days on anything. I searched some on the pixel curve theory. I did not find any sites calling it that. But I looked at tutorials on drawing spheres in pixel style.
Here is what I came up with for the ghosts' BALLS..*snicker* balls... >.>

As for the black out line on my sprites. It kinda goes with the tile sets I have made for my game. Everything has black outlines. I understand what you are saying though. Black outlines can be a crutch to lean on. I plan on experimenting with other forms of spriting later on. :D

The bear is tall because it is a guy wearing a costume. If I make it shorter it wont match his height when he takes the suit off and such. BUT if it was a living toy bear...damn straight I would make him shorter. LOL

@Narcodis: "My project." I like that. Better calling it that, than calling it a game. It is about, lets' seeeeeeeee here....0.01% complete. Well maybe a bit more than that. LOL

It's called A Case Of The Cavities.
A young man named Gibson, under the guidance of his Gargoyle mentor Nefritis solves his first Trial Case. The game starts off with you in the City of Dieriot.(YES Dieriot not Detroit) Where you are doing errands and such for "Nit". And suddenly Nefritis becomes ill...and now it is up to you to keep the business afloat. So with Nit's handy dandy "how to book" and the little magick power you can conjure up you head off to solve the case. Only problem dont know HOW to get to the Land of Disturbia. And the problems only start there...etc. etc. etc. LOL

I need to hammer out a lot of things, I want CBS. One like the game Lunar for the PSP. I would have to get someone to make it for me though. :/

More sprites from My project...

Mr. Marsh: From the Land of Cavitia. Clearly He is made of marshmallows...

Camgo: Talk to this little critter to save your game in the Land of Disturbia..

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Iconoclasts!!!!!!!!!!! Bitches!!!

Iconoclasts is give it a download. Wish it was a finished game. Most Indie games are like that though.

The graphics make me so happy!! ^_________^
Konjak is awesome. I have played Noitu Love, but not the second one yet. BUT I plan on buying it very very soon!!

Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl

Downloaded this yesterday!
Awesome the music and the game-play.
I like the hacking and the smashing door mini-game.
I'm still not done with the demo and plan on finishing it.....
But I wanted to tell you something I found while playing before I forgot about it.. :/
During battle if you press down all the way you come across a option that has no "text" in it. I selected it out of did nothing. Something might appear later on in the game, but I don't know since I'm not there yet. Perhaps you have switch turned on that shouldn't be. I hope this is helpful. And I hope you can continue on your game in the near future. I'm sad to see it is on Hiatus.

Here is a Pic so you know what I am talking about...just in case I suck at explaining things. LOL

Your graphics make me very happy! : >