I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari



The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3


wait....WTF happened??

Where did the Fro guy go, and why is Sarah Jessica Parker a penis?

Badass Mapping Contest

That is great news!!! Since I am able to use any graphics, I used some of my old stuff. And was able to whip this up. I might change some things around.
But as long as people get a giggle out of has done the job!

"Willy Walrus caught Crusty Donuts jelly handed... and he wasn't planning to let C.D. make the train."

EDIT: Opps forgot to say it is RPGmaker VX. My bad....

Badass Mapping Contest

I think I'll join....could be fun! ^_^

You can use tile sets you made right? I have a cactus, red wagon, building and desert tile sets I made for an old game idea of mine. Could be fun to use. :D

Just have to whip up some character sprites and a Panorama for the background.

Creation Custom Crafts: Craving Criticism

When I thought of a cloud tree this is what came to mind. The trunk is a star and the leaves are the cloud. Goes with you Zelda tree style as well. My colors were not thought through.... Hope it gives you some ideas...


Here is another idea for the landscape... Perhaps some star flowers? needs your help!

All signed up for the $10 recurring sponsorship option. :)
Hope this helps!!

Worst videogame character.

I do not think I could tell you how many times I felt snapping the disc into tiny pieces because of that stupid little girl.

Fun game though... :/ LOL

I feel like playing it now..


The RMN Comic Collaboration - Act 3

Count me in.

Site Announcement

Such sweetness is unparalleled!! : )

Last Words

: (
I'm so sad RMN is shutting down I didnt even get a chance to experience the communtiy.

...I will try to keep tabs on your work.


Just some simple walking sprites for the game I am making...

edit: They weren't showing up.. ^^;;
edit:...they still weren't showing up... ;A; maybe if I remove the hide button?