I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari


Ketsumio's Krafts and Krap O__o

Hit a bit of a snag with my gam mak. So I have to take a break. But I have been keeping the creative juices flowing. Here is a step by step process of me making a wire giraffe nightlight.
For some reason the first image is big...IDK why. LOL The rest are manageable.
Any positive feedback would be appreciated. TY!












PONIES...Glorius DAY!

Not much to say...
I stumbled upon this and figured it was in need of it's own topic.

What could be more FUN then making delightful ponies beat the bloody snot out of each other??
I am indeed looking forward to playing the HELL out of this. If it ever gets finshed.


How to make imported chars transparent from photoshop?

I remember there is a topic in the help section that addresses the problem I am having...but I can't find it. I have been looking for about 3 hours. >__<

I make my characters in Photoshop...set them as a .PNG format so that the transparent background stays in-place.
Sometimes this works....sometimes it does not.
I remember there is something you have to do in Photoshop to make sure when it is loaded into RPGVX the Character sprites do not pop up on a white background.
Even though you have it setup for a transparent background. *sigh*

I will continue looking for the topic if no one can help.
I should have bookmarked it. @__@ Blargh...

Really Motivational Necessarian

I think that one of the things about a community as a whole is that people are suppose to have each others backs. When making a game it gets "hard".
Hard in the fact that you do not know if there is even going to be a fan base for your game. "why am I making this...who is going to want to play this..."

I know the Front page gives some exposure to games on this site. But non-the-less games get knocked off, and have to sit in the shadows to speak. I think as a community, and as Fans of games you find on this site you should post your enjoyment of them in this Topic.

What you Should DO:
1) Draw a picture of a game that has caught your eye
Make sure to HIDE the picture so that the developers have a surprise! It is like X-mas!!!
2) Maybe write a little about said game
3) Put a link to the game in your post.
4) Do not post artwork of your game...I will punch you...

Not only Can this give the game exposure, BUT it might get the developers off their butts and working harder on the game. haha

WOOOO ME FIRST!!! *Pushes everyone out of the way*



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