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Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills



Queries about AI for a turn based tactics game

Thinking about using a combination of the following:
a) less optimum decisions, for less difficulty
b) draws better cards, giving them the esge
c) enemy deck has better cards, that are currently unavailable to the player atm
d) draws cards according to what is needed atm (as opposed to completely random)

Queries about AI for a turn based tactics game

The last suggestion is not possible. Both teams in theory could have the same units. The game is a fusion between TCGs and Turn based tactics, hence I have these certain constraints to manage.

Queries about AI for a turn based tactics game

Hello Community <3 I need your help once again :3

How to scale the AI difficulty?

Constraints due to the game mechanics:
a) Cannot give enemies hidden resources - the information is available to the player and the cheat will be glaringly obvious
b) Cannot give better stats to enemy units - the stats for every type of unit is pre-determined and fixed, similar to cards in Trading Card Games.

These are some of the ones I have thought of:
a) enemies are simply given better unit types for more difficulty
b) AI makes less optimum decision for less difficulty
c) AI sometimes makes random decisions for less difficulty

How to make the AI unpredictable?
If the AI is always using the optimum path, can it eventually become predictable? How to avoid such a scenario?

Thank you for reading :) and pre thanks for all replies :)

How to manage development?

Read all the feedback. I have so many new ideas to try out and see what fits me best. Thank you everybody! <3

How to manage development?

Looking for a brief idea on how you all manage feature creeps, scope, adding new features and etc during game development. And a general idea on the overall workflow for your projects.

Hoping to find lots inputs and discussions so that I can get a good feel for the norm. Working on a very ambitious project (for me) and often struggle with these things.

Thanks for reading.


Lots of thanks for the response and also the enthusiasm. Sorry for the late reply. I must be doing something right to get eight play through <3 This is really helpful and encouraging <3

Is borrowing sprites like this legally okay? :3

Good to know :3 thanks <3

Is borrowing sprites like this legally okay? :3

Original is from the game wargroove. When spriting gets too hard for me, I start from a sprite that has the general mold of what I want to make. Then I keep on working on it till it turns into what I actually need. By the time I am done even I can't tell the "inspirations" unless I specifically remember them.

This time around the original sprite is so close to what I actually need. Now I am confused. Can I legally use the sprite on the right? Can I morally call it an original art work?

Design your own Open-World Game

Hello community. The casualness of this topic might fit this forum better. Working on a game project that will take several years to complete. I had a random thought to steal some ideas from you all.

What features and/or contents would your dream open world game have? Preferably nothing too absurd (eg: literally anything that can be done in real life can be done in the game) and more like things that we can imagine being implemented in modern games (eg: lots of optional boss battles, pets that are as customizable as the creatures from the game spore).

[RMVX ACE] Beta-Testers NEEDED for Remainder Studios' "The Town of The Lost Witch" English Version

Then sign me up :) I would like to beta test