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Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills


How to make a skill that makes a character immune to s specific state for some duration?

How to make a skill that makes a character immune to s specific state for some duration?

EDIT: Found it. Forget it.

Will I eating up rmn's bandwidth?

I was thinking of posting my games on other forums (finally). If I link to rmn's download and rmn's screenshots for those games would that be wrong, would I end up eating rmn's bandwidth. I don't really know how threse things work.

Simplest way to vary a skill according to status

Say skill blaze has a 20% chance of inflecting burn.
But if the user is in rage status the skill has a 100% chance of inflecting burn.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, for VX ace engine.

[Poll] Which concept seems most interesting?

None of the concepts are fully fleshed out and when ever I start working on any one of them, after a while it seems too much for me and I just have to put the project down, there is just way too much to think about, way too much to do.

This pole was made just out of curiosity and may or may not have any effect on the project I settle down with.

Note: For people who do not know what pokemon battle flo is you might want to look at the game profile before answering.

EDIT: Poll question too big, read below

battle flo sequel:
actual hps, stats screen, and several pokemon on both teams

grey scale:
depressing story, survival-puzzle adventure, survival (hungers, exhaustion and etc), whole game in grey scale, multiple endings according to the pathe(literally) taken

roll to travel, can attack enemies from behind only, grass with higher priority then player enables hiding from enemies

untitled II:
rpg maker cross over (koh for rpg maker), tiles react diffidently when stepped on (hp up, mp up, battles etc), each character gains different skills according to equipment, about 20 equips

be a ghost, psychological thriller plot, do ghostly things (whisper into ears, go through walls, possess people and etc), ghost energy bar

How many movies do you watch a day?

If you do not watch movies everyday then how many a week?

A series question: Why can I only draw cartoons?

whenever I try to sketch something all I am capable of are cartoons, anything else stinks. Not the anime styled, but spongebob styled.

Now that I practice spriting its happening... all over again!

EDIT: I meant to say serious, not series in the title

sprites for a new game, need feedback

How can a game make the player sad?

I am talking about Valkyrie profile level of sadness. I would play lenneth again just to learn from it but my psp is broken.

Does anyone here live in a trailer?

If you do how does it feel like? If you used to how did it feel like? If you have never then what do you think it would feel like?

How did you and rpg maker meet?

We all have a story of how we came to be free lancer game developers.

Suddenly high about pokemon games (it randomly happens to me with random stuff).
Looking at indie pokemon games.
Some labelled as 'this is not a hack', although I have seen it before.
Question: If not a hack then did the guy make it from scratch?
Something called rpg maker. Oh sure. Something that makes rpgs.
Downlaoding... complete.
How the f*** does this work?
Searching tutorials... finally, tigerseye.rpgmakerxptutorial, or something like that.
And as they say the rest is history.