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Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills


A slight misunderstanding caused my game to loose stars!

I know the game is probably not worth 2 and a half stars even but there were a few misunderstandings which if excluded it would have definitely gained more stars.

Less stars = less downloads, can nothing be done about it.

Scroll down to the comments section in the link and you will know what I mean.


EDIT: Not blaming the reviewer. Mistakes happen.

A series of short stories i am working on. It has Dragons! in a typical urban village.

Only one chapter finished as of now but writing with full dedication so new releases shouldn't take long (1 chapter every few days)

Direct link: here

If the first chapter catches your attention then let me know, then I shall keep the rmn community up to date.

EDIT: Almost forgot, here are the notes.

should the player be able to name his character? Does it matter all.

should the player be able to name his character? Does it matter all.

How to become half as good as the masters of Hobbyist game development?

This might belong in the WELP WELPs.

A simple question with no simple answer, but still would like you to answer it anyways.

The games made by the ultimate hobbyist developers such as Kentona, Craze, Solitayre, Dudesoft just to name a few I have come to admire. These games are actually on per with most commercial rpgs and actual better then a lot of them. How did these developers come to be, such great developers.

I know probably the most common and agreed answer would be 'practice', so just skip that part and share everything before and after it.

(Fingers Crossed, at least one of the developers mentioned above will answer)

best 2d platformer game engine

Don't suggest mario bros x.

vx ace multiplayer

is there no way to make non online multiplayer games on the rpg makers. some awesome minigames could have been made if there were several player 'units' instead of one and and each had different control schemes.

If not can you please direct me to a game engine that can do the job, keep in mind i have only used the rpg makers thus far and i am a total noob when it comes to actual programming.

need a custom battle script and a few other things (vx ace)

Never used scripts before and don't know how to, and so some guide would be nice.

Don't need the TP bar or guard. Looking for a simple turn based battle system including skills, run, hp bar and sp bar. If your surprised by the 'or attack' part then think pokemon.

Need to remove a few thinks from menus:
*formation (may be even items) from over world menu
*attack, guard (and may be even items) from battle menu.
*and only 1 equipment slot instead of 5

*when a skill requires a specific weapon and the weapon is not equipped the skill is grayed out in the battle menu. Need the words to go away completely. It might not seem like much but thrust me, in what I am trying to cook up its gonna get really annoying.

And thanx in advance


The elemental system
is overused but it makes for great strategies due to the rock-paper-scissor effect.

Status effects
Burn, paralyzed, poison, buffs, debuffs and etc. is all I can think of when it come to status effects. Status effects definitely makes games more fun, but I can't seem to figure out any new ones.

In both cases I don't want to do what has been done probably ever since the fisrt turn based rpg but these are very important to give depth to the gameplay.

How do I make compelling stories for rpgs. The way I come up with the stories for games is too straight foreword. I mean there's a plots and motives but nothing much.

Story thus fur:
3 friends get lost while having fun. Discovers mysterious artifacts that help them fight monsters. They try to get back home.

My thoughts:
Great start but only a start. Can't seem to build on it. I always see the overall picture but just can't make a rich story, a story connecting different areas and making the game feel non linear.

The way I see it right now is get from area A to G, for which have to cross area B, C, D, E and F. But games with great stories are more like you have to get from area A to area B, but along the way the story unfolds in such a way that it motives the player and the character to go to area B from A, then to C, then to D and so on. I know this is confusing but bear with me please.

Crucial items.
3 artifacts
When equipped grants the 'equipper' an ability.
Either non magic abilities, magic abilities or support abilites.
Obviously 1 character can't equip more then 1 at a time.

A lot more then 3 artifacts
To be found throughout the journey
Finding them will be a part of the plot
A few hidden ones
Activates different sets of skills for each character
May have other effects
Character may or may not learn new permanent skills when they level up.

Example: 1 for fire magic, 1 for ice magic, 1 for non elemental magic, one for status recovery, 1 for status inflection, 1 for buffs etc.

are divided into tiles. Each tile either spans an enemy, item or recovers hp or sp.
Tiles look different according to its application and so its obvious which does what.

If each an every tile is to be evented the screen is going to be cluttered and the sheer amount of labor would mean that the game is never going to get finished, and wont probably make a good game either.

If few tiles are evented then enemies will be too less in number and easy to avoid, while the benefits will be easy to gain.

EDIT:Found a fix for the tile issue.. I think. 'Impassible Tile'

Any and all ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

Need answers to make a good traditional rpg game (not necessarily asking how to make a good traditional rpg)

Used the rpg maker for so long and never made an rpg. But now I am itching to make one. Some of you might like to subscribe because I may have more questions for you in the future.

For ease of use you can just answer 'yes to 2 & 4' and 'no to 1 and 3'

Are you like me while playing rpgs:
1. Almost never use buffs or debuffs, unless it gives me a godlike advantage
2. Never use any kind of defense option, exception 'active guard' in dbz attack of the saiyans
3. Never use status recovery options unless in a boss fight or in a bind
4. Slay everything that engages me in battle so that later on I don't get stuck and have to intentionally grind
5. Speed up the game if possible, for example vba and pokemon
6. Try to one hit KO opponents regardless of the requirements, for example use up lots of SP

EDIT: There are more questions on the second page.

A poem just because I felt like it

Why I Love You So Much?

If you asked me why I loved you so much, I would not be able to answer
Not because I am thinking it as a first, but because I do not have an answer

You are surely very beautiful but that is not the reason
About others you are so mindful, but that can't be the reason

There is something special about you, something that I just can't figure out
I often find a clue but I just can't figure it out

I eventually gave up gave in, who cares what it is
At least I know where to find it, so who cares what it it

I find it in you every time I see you
I find it in you every time I can be with you
I find it in you when we are walking talking or just having a good time
I find it in you when I am writing a poem and trying to make it rhyme