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Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills


Suggest a site to submit written art

I am talking about all round written art. Creative writing, poems, lyrics and etc.

Just a friendly site to enjoy others creation and post mine. Think rpgmaker but for written art.

I know there is a creative corner but I was looking for a site dedicated to written art.

I tried googling but nothing quite fits the bill.

Thank you.

How to decrease text box height? (vx ace)

How to decrease text box height? (vx ace)

[Poll] How do you make your living?

Answer the poll and comment on what you do, but only if you are comfortable with it.

This has no ultimate purpose. I was just curious about the people behind the avatars.

& Thank You

What should I write about?

I have been feeling like writing a story for weeks now. Haven't ever written a story except for in language classes at school, which was about more then 3 years ago.

I have no idea what to write. I have made games and wrote and composed songs and still writing stories feels like the forbidden turf, I just feel so hesitant.

By the way I prefer the genre, comedy, scifi, romance and phycological thrillers.

And thanks in advance.

If you had 1 ultimate wish what wud it b?

Wishes that are too awesome will not be counted, like for example more wishes.

Have you watched Zeitgeist (2007)? If not then please do.

Is pornography just another job

Is pornography prostitution or just another job. I used to think the first but this picture makes me feel something different.

Is RPG maker the best game developing sofware? You Judge

I have had experience with 3 rpg makers, ace, vx and xp. I once opened up unity and fooled around for a bit but I can't really use it.

I know the question is vague and needs more details, I know this site is called but lets forget about all of that and just answer this simple question.

Who is the best & why?

This is both a casual and important question.
Important because I want to be a professional game developer when I grow up, and these answers are going to help me decide what I on many things, for example if I should practice developing games on different engines,

Picture priority (vx ace)

How to make event graphics have a higher priority (show over) pictures.

RPGs, balance of power and difficulty

Something about games that I have always liked is the rise to power. For example kotor or aoe.

Now in a traditional rpg game, how to make the players feel like their all so power full but keep the game challenging at the same time. For example if his stats are great he will feel all so power full but the enemies will be a piece of cake.