A hobbyist game developer from Bangladesh. These days I am less active here :3 please follow my work anywhere else it is convenient for you :3

Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills


I did not realize there was an introductions forum till a few minutes ago.

So sorry for being late!
How it supposed to be:
I have learned to use the rpg maker xp and also made a crappy game called 'Virus', available on the site, the two together took me more then 2 years (was very lazy back then). To be a professional game designer is my dream. I want to make original but fun games.

How it is:
I have finished and posted two games and working on my third one. My second game is not awesome but I am still proud of it. I am learning C language on a regular basis and practice spriting every now and then.

More info about me can be found on my profile page.

Thank U for reading and I would love to be friends with and learn to be a better game developer from all of you.

(VX Ace) Should be simple for anyone who can script (btw, I can't)

I want only one command button in the title screen, START. (I know how to do that already).

But I want it to act like the continue command once a save have been made. (this I need help with), and I can't figure out how to make the choice window appear in the middle of the screen, and how to use a pre decided picture in the load screen instead of the party graphics.

Don't worry about the players not being able to start from scratch, have all that figured out.

Thank U in advance. And sorry if I'm asking a bit too much.


I have been practicing spriting, and this is how far I have gone.

Feel free to share your thoughts and tips.

Help with spriting!

I stink at spriting and this abomination is what I created trying to do just that. Okay, its not that bad.

Can someone make this better (more professional) and let me know how exactly it was modified. If someone wants to they can add the hair(one of my biggest nemesis in spriting) in as well.

And thank you in advance!