A hobbyist game developer from Bangladesh. These days I am less active here :3 please follow my work anywhere else it is convenient for you :3

Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills


Designing for odds and ends such as size of the world map etc.

I have been working on a game since February/March of this year. Its wayy above my pay grade. Done with a lot of the the basic foundations on Unity, such a speech system, combat system, save/load system, screen transition system etc. Recently I have been struggling with some odds and ends.

How many over world assets do I need?
How big should the map be?
How many quests should each area contain?
How many different types of terrains should I have?
and the list goes on and on.

The only method I can think to resolve these issues is just to make a quest or two, some of the world map, and just get a feel for it. Thought it might turn out to be fruitful to understand how others (all of you!) prefer to work and decide on these details.

Thanks in Advance.

Where or how to learn game development management?

Or at the very least how do you manage your game development when scope of the team or the game itself or both is too big to trust scribbled notes and memory to make sure everyone understand everything as it was meant to be and everything is made or developed as it was meant to be.

Such as CSE (anything IT related I imagine) has Software Engineering, UML and what not to make large scale projects more manageable.

Cosntructive feedback for some games I have made in the past please?C

Both are browser based.

this is for local 2 player only. So grab a buddy!

You can review or comment or message me for the feedback. All is fine with me. I made these some while ago and just though I could use some constructive feedback to find my faults and get new ideas and stuff.

Thank you :D

Hobby to Profession, Looking for success stories

Hello! :)

I would like to know of sources where I can read or see videos of how a hobbyist game developers turned into commercially successful game developers.

Looking for recent,
Recent stories
Starts from there very first game preferably
Discusses the struggles, lessons and even the luck involved

As an undergrad student from Bangladesh, who has been making games and dreaming about making a career out of it for over 7 years, I am really confused about what to do exactly do next. I do not have the access to the resources that people often talk about such as game developer conferences. So I am just looking for some less heard of stories, something closer to home, as I too had started with the RPGMaker engine ;)

Thank you

Aspiring game developer. Life decision dilemma

Not sure which topic this should go into.

I am a hobbyist game developer who would like nothing more to work professionally as a game designer. Currently doing my undergrad in Computer Science, planning do my master in game design.

I have been developing and researching related topics for years and know that the best thing I can do to secure a future in the game industry is just to keep on making game. Recently working on my first commercial attempt and got a chance to work with my favorite local developers.

Now the problem is I also am a participant for programming contest as part of the secondary team for my university and recently thought of quitting so that I can more time to just develop. But my instructor had convinced me or rather scared me into believing that only majoring in computer science and making games would be really risky and that I would eventually reach a glass wall after which I cannot progress anymore without the thorough practice that programming contest provides.

Where I stand right now,
*Everyone looks at the number of games shipped, and don't really care if it was made on an engine or how small the scope is..
*But there is no pattern to what type of work gets what type of job and hence is a risk
*Programming contests would be extremely helpful for game development even for a game designer
*There is an obvious 'measuring stick' of how much work gets what type of job

Now doing good in programming contests lands people jobs for sure. But not making games would surely not land me job in the industry. And I cannot relate programming contests to actual game development in anyway. I also have to think about that scholarship so that I can do my masters in game design.

Only solution I can think of is just to do both. Which again would take a lot of time away from actually developing games. By the way only just started my second year of my undergrad if that helps in anyway. Please share your thoughts.

[RMVX ACE] [Ruby]

Hello there.
I have finished my first programming course at university called Introduction to programming. And now studying a course called Data Structures. We use C++. I love programming and have started training for the ACM-ICPC. I shared all these so you know how much programming knowledge I have or the lack off :p

I want to learn Ruby to an extension such as I can edit others scripts for the rpgmaker on how it handles menus and stuff as I please or maybe makes menus myself.

But I am compeltely at a loss. Where should I start? How should I start? and etc.

Simplified request
Want to learn enough Ruby to make menus.

Pre thanks.

[RMVX ACE] [XAS Action Battle System] Help with the script

There is a quick access menu for skills and items. I was hoping for a quick access for both shields and weapons too.

I am working on a game where the player might want to change these often and in quick succession. I find the default menu filled with too many information that is not needed and completely immersion breaking.

Also. Cannot figure out where the damage calculation for touch_attack(true) is being calculated :/ I would like to play around with the formula.

Pre thanks :)

[Construct 2] Suggestions for first games

What sort of game do you think a beginner to construct 2 should or could be working on?

I was hoping this would help me brainstorm

Spriter for a game made in a day [Construct 2]

This is my first game in construct 2. Its a very simplified version of a game I am thinking of which may be able to compete with the like of temple run or not :p

I am hoping to make many tweaks and add real graphics and sound before officially uploading this. What I need, a text box, a game over screen, a backdrop, a piggy bank, mallet or hammer and coins. Everything but the back drop measures at 64*64, the sprites just need fit inside of it.

Not sure if its playable without downloading construct 2, probably not. I will look into proper exporting soon.

I will be building on it in the near future hopefully. So it would be really great if there was a possibility of working with the same person again.

Thanks from before hand.

[Constuct 2] Is there an alternative like site for construct 2 specifcally?

Not that I wont be uploading my games here. I am learning construct 2 and it is a great learning experience when thousands of people go crazy with an engine. It opens up my mind to all the possibilities.