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Skill Hunter
Customize and REcustomize stats and skills


[RMVX ACE] Facing some odd game design challenges

Warning! Monster of all text walls!

This is an rpg I am working on.

Each time I play tested I have been able to get through each level with minimum grinding. To be precise I found that its a fun game as long as the player level and game level are the same, ie. game level 1 = player level 1, level 2 = player level 2.

The whole game was designed around the concept of customizing players stats, skill sets and managing the Will/MP gauge during battle, loosing a turn to regain some Will or planning a few moves or even battles ahead is part of the core game design. Me and a cousin (live tester) have found this to be really fun to use smarts to get trough. Keep in mind that cousin learned to play it that way by seeing me play it. It was not meant to be a very challenging games.

Now the problem is most other players (over the internet) have found it very hard in the beginning. Play through Which led them to grind a LOT. Players seem to not care about learning the enemies, using the skills provided or anything else but leveling up. They went into each area with about 5 more level then I intended them to. Which obviously made them over powered and eventually broke the game by taking 0 damage and dishing out one hit KOs, they even mostly increased the attack stat. They did no enjoy so much grinding or the game afterwards but everyone did it anyways, where as using ones wit was a lot more fun.

Another major issue was the frequency of battle. all game maps are 13 by 17. I play tested with a lowered frequency and more exp per battle but then the thinking few battles ahead dynamic does not apply anymore and it just becomes another rpg where all you have to do is press the attack button to get past the regular enemies till you get to a safe zone.

I see where the players are coming from, as a turn based rpg in general is where we button smash and grind regular foes and think hard while fighting bosses. But the "battle maps" in my game demands each battle to be thoughtful and lasts only about 2 minutes and then some other tasks such as a puzzle has to be completed before again playing a 2 minute battle map and each battle map starts with full hp and mp.

At this point although I love playing my own game I can neither figure out how to make players work for the game nor how to make the game work for the players. Its supposed to be a game where the player gets to play the game as they wish, and I honestly don't mind them breaking the game if they are having fun doing it, but they aren't. Yet that the only way they play. Neither do I want to level cap as I want players to be able to grind when stuck, but not all the time.

[RMVX ACE] reset max level or level cap event

I was hoping to find a way to control the maximum level that the player can reach when certain conditions have been met/with events.

[RMVX ACE] Tips for making title screens

Yes. I actually have trouble with title screens. Talking about the picture, not scripts or anything.

[RMVX ACE] Simplest action based battle system script

I just wanted to play around with a abs script and see if I can figure out something interesting to do with it.

[RMVX ACE] What types of games are easy to make?

I was hoping to know what types of games are easiest to make. The games that complete noobs, who can barely use the software and can do nothing else such as spriting or scripting, should be making. Take into consideration the availability of resources and scripts.

First things that come to mind are point and click adventures and traditional turn based rpgs.

[RMVX ACE] Can battle animations be imported like sprites?

If yes then how and where can I find them. Not animation sprite sheets, but whole animations, having trouble getting the results I want myself.

[RMVX ACE][Urgent] RPG enemy heals self instead of its dying allies

Heal works as it supposed to when used by player. But the enemy only heals himself regardless of its hp while its allies are the ones who actually needs it.

Urgent tag because level play test has to be halted till fixed.

[RMVX ACE] Help creating states

How to create a state that has a chance of damaging oneself when active. Like how confusion works in pokemon.

And also a buff that temporary increases stats by a constant instead of percentage.

Pixel Art Software

I have only used MS Paint and its been so long that I could probably write a good article on tips on using MS Paint for all Pixelling purposed.

But some people seem to have gripes with it. Should I switch? I don't mind learning a new tool so that its easier for me to pixel. If I should switch what should I switch to?

[RMVX ACE] TDS Stat Distribution script error

Maker is giving me a lot of errors and I assume its because I have been working with very small values for stats. But I can't figure this one out.

It lets me change the stats but not set it.

Early thanks.